UWA Working Group
6 Dec 2007


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dsr, kevin
Rotan, Jose, Stephane




<scribe> Scribe: dsr

Approval of last week's minutes for publication

Any objections to publishing last week's minutes?

<Krcsmith> No objection from me

Request for UWA blog articles and updates to wiki

Dave explains how he has revamped the blog and is looking for postings

the idea is to use the blog for topical articles and the wiki for background materials

Kevin asks how to make references to entries on other WG's wikis

such as the DDWG's wiki

This would be helpful for shared definitions of terms etc.

<scribe> ACTION: dsr to investigate links between WG wikis for use with shared definitions [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/12/06-uwawg-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-74 - Investigate links between WG wikis for use with shared definitions [on Dave Raggett - due 2007-12-13].

Kevin would be interested in a road map for W3C's wikis and the means to simplify definitions across working groups.

Dave asks whether we want to make the UWA into a blog aggregator or whether we give WG participants the ability to create entries themselves

Kevin would be happy to pass articles to dsr/stephane for publication.

Articles could be to provoke discussion and shouldn't be too dry.

kevin would like to write an article about DIAL and the relationship to device capabilities and how to exploit those.

A starter set of telecoms properties as delivery context properties would be valuable.

<Krcsmith> E.g. whether a user is accessing over a high-speed (3G or HSPA) connection or a lower speed (GPRS)

One of the questions that came up informally at the face to face was whether DIAL should permit the use of XHTML1 as an alternative to requiring the use of XForms.

Kevin: I am primarily concerned about device independence and XForms certainly helps with that.

Dave: wonders about whether reducing the learning curve would boost adption.

One thing we could look at is combining XAF with XSLT as a more general solution.

One question is how the URI requested by the device gets mapped to content and style sheets

There are URIs for applications that can be used in device independent way, but there are also URIs for pages that are generated by the content adaptation process to match particular device requirements.

That still leaves the question as to the relationship between DIAL and CDF?

Kevin: I see CDF as the output of DIAL
... some people are keen on authoring in CDF and DIAL.

Dave: a schema for compound document formats can be used to validate combinations of XHTML, SVG, Xforms and perhaps XBL2.

at least in principle.

DCCI resolution, transition meeting and updates to disposition of comments

Dave: have not received any objections for moving DCCI to CR.

There have been several positive responses to my email.

<Krcsmith> I'm in favour of publication

Dave: let's resolve to go ahead then.

RESOLUTION: based upon email feedback, we resolve to request the transition of DCCI to CR

DDWG comments on DC Ontology

Deferred to next week as we need Rotan or Jose as well as Rhys to discuss this.

Ontology for location, calendar and contact info

Dave: I sent email to the public list covering existing standards and related work on modeling this as RDF.

I plan to work on capturing this within the DC ontology with the help of Rhys, but not for the first public draft.

The APIs for location, calendar and contact info will come later and will be dependent on addressing the privacy and security issues.

That's something I hope to progress with the planned workshop on access control and trust models.

But the work on the ontology is something that we can do now by exploiting existing standards.

scribe: end of meeting ....

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: dsr to investigate links between WG wikis for use with shared definitions [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2007/12/06-uwawg-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]