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29 Nov 2007


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/me waves back

Recap of Boston F2F and approval of meeting summary for publication

see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-uwa/2007Nov/0017.html

Poor attendence towards the end due to conflicting meetings

Rhys: summary looks fine based upon meetings I attended

No objections to publishing the summary.

Next f2f 1st week in March in Seoul, hosted by ETRI

Recap of MobileAjax Workshop

see http://www.w3.org/2007/06/mobile-ajax/

Dave asks Rhys to give his account of the workshop and the relationship between UWA and Open Ajax Alliance.

Rhys: the workshop took place in San Francisco and was initiated after a suggestion by Jon F. who chairs the Open Ajax Alliance
... the aim was to guide both W3C and Open Ajax Alliance on potential future work on Ajax relating to mobile usage.

Rhys suggests that the Open Ajax library APIs might be relevant to UWA work on access to device based services.

KeithW: what kinds of APIs are we talking about, and are they based on Java?

Rhys: the Open Ajax Alliance wiki gives examples of some of the possibilities.
... at the moment it is an information gathering exercise.
... I have made sure that the delivery context is part of the discussion.

KeithW: there is fragmentation for Java with competing work. How can we provide clarity.
... would like APIs that are independent of the language.

Rhys: Ajax is JavaScript based.

KeithW: in that case why isn't the work being done within the W3C?

Rhys: the Open Ajax Alliance is focusing on collecting information at this point.

KeithW: is there enough critical mass to actually develop standards?

Rhys: if UWA can leverage external work then so much the better

KeithW: was the eventing mechanism discussed?

Rhys: at this point OAA is only looking at access to local capabilities and eventing hasn't come up.

Workshop report summary: http://www.w3.org/2007/06/mobile-ajax/report.html#summary

Dave asks Rhys as to what kinds of follow up activities we should be thinking of?

Rhys: coordination on access to device capabilities when the OAA Task Force report comes out in 2 months time.

DCCI transition meeting planning

Dave has expected Stephane to be on this call.

KeithR: Stephane has updated the documents.

<Keith> This one? http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/CR-DPF-20071222/

Stephane's email - http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-uwa/2007Nov/0037.html

KeithR: we need to send the transition request

Dave: Stephane asks for clarity on the filter mechanism for searching for properties.

KeithW reads through Stephane's email

<Rhys> +1 to mark propertyfilter as at risk

Sailesh has said in email that the feature could be dropped from the spec.

We discuss this for a while and agree to ask Stephane to write in the CR that thios feature is at risk.

That is if there aren't enough implementations it would be dropped from the spec when moving to PR

<Rhys> +1 to adding Keith R to the editors list

KeithW asks for KeithR to be listed as one of the editors for the DCCI spec.

No objections.

<Keith> http://www.w3.org/2001/di/dci/ir/

KeithR: working on test cases for implementation report

KeithW is travelling and won't be back until 12th December. So between then and the vacation would be good.

KeithR: Stephane is also asking for an exit date. This is when we feel we will have the test suite and the implementation reports done.

KeithW: proposes a 6 month period

New version of the DC Ontology

Rhys: the latest revision has added some material from OMA and DDWG and it is now a good time for a first public working draft.

The DDWG would like to be able to reference a public WD.

Rhys asks for a decision to publish, but recognizes that we only have few people on the call

Dave suggests we ask people to review the draft over the next 7 days and if we have no objections we will formally resolve to publish it in next weeks call.

Ontology for location, calendar and contact info

Dave summarises the f2f discussions and the idea of including location as part of the delivery context ontology along with a treatment of calendar and contact info based upon existing work.

This is something for discussion over the next few weeks and would be introduced as part of the next update to the public WD, but not for the first public WD.

Rhys: I had a quick look at your proposal and it looks okay at first glance.

Dave: location, calendar and contact info are important but won't be widely deployed using open standards until the privacy issues have been addressed.

The first step is to include them in the ontology and the other issues can then be dealt with separately.

scribe: General agreement.

Any other business

Dave says that he is collecting ideas for starting a new W3C Incubator Group to work on declarative authoring standards and as a follow up to the June workshop and discussions at the recent f2f.

He will circulate ideas on this for comment.

scribe: end of meeting ...

Summary of Action Items

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