SWEO Weekly

17 Oct 2007

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Susie, Dunja, danja, kidehen, LeeF, MartinD, leobard, bengee, Karen
Pasquale, Ivan, Uldis


Susie: today: flyer, use cases, info gathering, URI document
... document collection, enterprise survey
... F2F next week

<scribe> Scribe: LeeF

Semantic Web flyer

Susie: Ivan and I had call with Ian Jacobs regarding flyer text
... I sent revised version to Dunja

Dunja: Discussed flyer with a colleague; the flyer might promise things that the SemWeb cannot provide yet
... also existing software can solve some described scenarios
... e.g. decision support
... scenario on last page should involve searching the Web, rather than searching a firm's databases
... job seekers can publish resumes on their own Web sites and can be found automatically
... misses layer cake :-)

Susie: Seems to warrant offline discussion

<PaulaP> -1 for last page of the SW flyer

Susie: back page has scenario comparing traditional and SemWeb approches for identifying candidates for a widget role
... (Susie reads scenario)

<PaulaP> I still think that we should have the SW layer cake on the last page

Karen: Maybe the brochure can go on the SWEO F2F agenda?
... when talking to enterprises, I see a need to be specific vis a vis complex queries
... that you can't do with traditional technologies
... Recently several financial services organizations have shown interest in Sem Web - perhaps a good area for an example

Susie: older version of scenario text had more detail
... (reads older scenario)

kidehen: who's driving this use case scenario? there's a fundamental aspect that we're not mentioning
... the fact that you can canonicalize these queries through a pointer called a URI

<Karen> +1 complex queries through URIs

kidehen: we need to show how a single URI can be used as a vehicle to expose data from queries over disparate databases
... that's the real difference

Susie: the 2nd page of the brochure talks about the Web of Data

<danja> re. grddl, http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sweo-ig/2007Oct/0065.html

Susie: doesn't mention URIs specifically due to intended audience

<PaulaP> +1 to high-level, -1 to detailed use cases

kidehen: if we start with a pyramid, start with data sources, then SPARQL... apex is URI
... executives are able to deal with a URI
... otherwise people will say they already say they have a dashboard that gives them this info in a dashboard

LeeF: Don't think that URIs are a selling point to non-technical people

kidehen: information at your fingertips, not URIs per se

Susie: Dunja, PaulaP, Ivan and I will have a meeting on enhancing brochure, then we can discuss based on the full contents of the brochure

Semantic Web Logo

<Dunja> +1

Susie: some confusion between previously existing RDF triple logo and new Semantic Web logo

bengee: people seem to generally like the logo
... bit of unhappiness on the feeling that the process was not open
... also unhappiness surrounding the usage policy of the logo
... if we continue, maybe the process should be more open

Susie: When we do the work on the pictogram, we should involve other people in the process

<kidehen> LeeF: URI aided faceted navigation of Information at your fingertips is my point

LeeF: asks about usage policy

Susie: Ian Jacobs is reviewing and will mail semantic-web@w3.org
... Ian feels strongly about using cube together with W3C text
... policy on linking to W3c SemWeb activity may be loosened for presentations, brochures, etc

Use Cases

<Karen> +1 Susie on Lilly use case!

Susie: I wrote up a use case for Lilly and published it
... also one published from Cleveland Clinic
... feedback from Bijan on mailing list asking for technology-specific search facets
... feedback at Cambridge SW Gathering that it would be good to personalize use cases and case studies
... pictures, quotations, contact information

<danja> (personalizing sounds a very good idea)

Susie: at the F2F we'll discuss what information we want so that we can reach out to people for additional information

information gathering

leobard: there are bugs to fix to improve the service

(discusison of Internet Explorer interactions with info gathering service)

leobard: no other feedback

URI document

Susie: TAG is still discussing URIs

leobard: been in communication with TAG, looked into SWD
... hoping for specific feedback
... the process might be sped up if we find another editor (Richard C is at DERI for a while)

MartinD: I can help, but not before November

linking open data project

kidehen: opencyc is latest addition


bengee: coming along, prototype is up but not announced
... determined to make announcement today
... will post announcement and put in a blog at knowee.org
... also knowee.net where a reference implementation will be available with some testing accounts

preferred document collection

danja: I've put together scripts to grab things from del.icio.us et al
... easy to grab resources
... not as easy to figure out what should be included and what shouldn't
... grab resources, put into revyu.com to be rated

Susie: would like to discuss at F2F

danja: will try to gather more to be ready for F2F, though I won't be at F2F myself

enterprise survey

Karen: some more progress to get it ready for Sept Semantic Technologies thing which was canceled
... will try to finish it off to be shown next week

F2F meeting

Susie: we have a video conference room at MIT

<leobard> we start at 08:30

<Susie> http://esw.w3.org/topic/SweoIG/Meetings/2007-10-24_Conference_Call

(discussion of meeting bfeore meeting to setup video call)

<bengee> leobard, I'll arrive at about 3pm (local time)

<LeeF_> (Susie discusses agenda)

<LeeF_> ... will be dinner at Cambridge Brewing Company overlapping with monthly Cambridge SW Gathering and with RDF/RDB workshop attendee

<LeeF_> s

<Dunja> Dunja will dial in as well

<Dunja> too far :(

Susie: AOB?


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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