UWA telecon
4 Oct 2007


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Keith W.
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DCCI Properties

<Dave> The idea is to discuss plans for standardizing properties within the DCCI framework, given that we have worked for several years on the framework, and it is now time to flesh it out with work on defining the properties themselves.

Keith W leads the discussion.

See Keith's slides (pdf)

Keith: it is important to consider the mobile environment.

Rhys: you've covered dyanmic properties and the means to copy updates to the server.

<Rhys> Latest Editor's Draft for Delivery Context Ontology.

In the latest version of the ontology, I've added dynamic properties as there have been lots of requests for that

Orientation is an example

OMA meeting in Vancouver will review the properties for DPE in a couple of weeks time

Rhys: on APIs, my view is that the OMA DCAP group is defining the transport mechanism for mobile devices.

Keith: looking for more clarity for dynamic properties.

Rhys: 2 API efforts underway, but ontology is abstract definition of datatypes.

One API is DDWG repository API, the other is OMA DCAP's DPE

Rhys: on the client the DCCI can expose properties and could reflect the ontology's tree like structure rather than flat name/value pairs
... OpenAJax is also very interested in APIs for accessing device capabilities.

At this point OpenAjax folks are analysing existing APIs e.g. JSR's

Rhys asks Keith to try to map the properties he is interested into the structure used in the ontology

KeithW says goodbye as he has to leave

Dave would like discussion on next steps for standardizing DCCI properties.

Rhys summarizes several sources of information. The overlap between the different groups contributing properties is fairly small.

It would be good to first see how well they fit into the ontology.

Rhys would like a proposed list of properties to add into the ontolgy

Dave thinks we need a roadmap for when we will provide standards for DCCI properties.

Rhys: hope to be able to reach concensus on ontology at November F2F

Dave wonders if the ontology should cover events?

Or should this be left to DCCI spec?

Rhys: still thinking about this.

Bennett wants coordination on properties like orientiation between W3C, OMA and 3GPP.

Dave is waiting to hear back from Bennett on invitiation to UWA call

Dave suggests that some properties should be easier to standardize as they don't have privacy issues associated with them.

Dave is planning for a workshop 2Q2008 on access control and trust models.

This is aimed to help us with location and other sensitive properties.

Jose asks KeithR about synchronous vs asychronous property updates

(slide 6)

Keith explains that that slide describes properties that are exposed locally

next steps for ontology following joint meeting with DDWG

<Dave> This is following on from the recent joint meeting with DDWG. What changes need to be done before we are ready to publish as a FPWD?

Rhys is working with OMA DCAP to align ontology with their work.

Hopes to plan for a FPWD after the F2F

Dave would like to simplify URIs for editor's drafts as DDWG does

Rhys: this would mean providing latest URI

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]