28 Aug 2007

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Rachel: Grp decided vital signs, imaging, lab data, etc is important for a demo (in doc)...
... medical records ~ eligibility criteria
... logic / values domain specific
... inclusion vs exclusion, then build a query of of this
... return list of candidate patients

Bron: Protocol management relates to eligibility criteria...
... plan to get all info together after call

Rachel: need to work together with all stakeholder groups

<alanr> sorry, stepped away. Did someone call on me?

Rachel: EMR and Clinical Trials interoperability

Eric: do people want one standard or two?

Stan: One would be better for interoperability for both EMR and CT...

Rachel: Goal of use case is demosntrate interop between EMR and CT vocab
... also include adverse events, sharing of lab or procedural data...

Daniel Rubin: caBIG workspace is also dealing with imaging

Bron: various TC's: RCRIM, EHR, CDISC, HL7, caBIG, AMIA CT WG

DR: caBIG does not yet apply semantic web technologies, but is interested to try and do so

Eric: W3C HCLS charter would support SW applications in conjunction with other groups

Stan: Define protocol first, and then define EMR infrastructure; in a possible study, 'bone-density' data becomes a qualifier

<alanr> example of relevant current vocabulary: http://www.informatics.jax.org/searches/Phat.cgi?id=MP:0000063

<alanr> MP term: decreased bone density

<alanr> Synonym: osteopenia

<alanr> Synonym: reduced bone density

<alanr> MP id: MP:0000063

<alanr> Definition: decreased mineral content of bone; indicator of bone strength

<alanr> Number of paths to term: 1

DanielRubin: eligibility is an unsolved problem that SW may be well suited for...

<alanr> From Mammalian Phenotype Browser from Jackson Labs/OBO

HelenC: experience in eligibility usage, and the application of rules for incl/excl criteria

<alanr> Eric, can you upload to the wiki please?

<chimezie> http://esw.w3.org/topic/HCLS/OntologyTaskForce/BIONTDSEDCM?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=LB.pdf

Landen: IHE: integration profile to retrieve forms for data capture...
... use case is from working in the trenches of data capture
... 2/3 of sites have more than one data capture system
... XForm used to retrieve forms from different groups
... Form Mgr, Filler, Receiver, and Doc Vault
... demoed at CHicago at Connectathon with Pfz, Lilly, ...
... plan for 2008 real-world implementations
... other initiatives: XRP in caBIG, DICOM-CDISC, MD Anderson
... What can be done with RFD and RDF?

,,, propose: stay modest and concrete, yet get to semantic interoperability; can we use data captrue forms that can work with RDF in a form to populate the data

scribe: MD Anderson using Semantic Web: Krishna ?

Chimie: have success using XForms also

Landen: Using a patient EHR, retrieve info on patient: CRF in XML
... CDASH is a way to identify data common to all Case Report Forms
... always need for data entry support, can't be always automatic
... Bron working with NCI for a common use of terminologies (terminology server)

Kerstin: need to go beyond just data elements, and incorporate ontologies

Chimie: agrees use of ontologies for interoperability important

<chimezie> We have had much success using XForms to capture XML 'messages' (using messaging XML dialects) and transforming them into corresponding RDF graphs (which are linked to OWL Ontologies)

Chimie: interest to take CDISC vocabulary into OWL or other SW ontology form


Alanr: can we get access to CDISC CV's?


Propose: Next call Sept 11

<Helen> -Helen

Summary of Action Items

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