SWEO Weekly Telco

23 May 2007

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Susie, Benjee, Kingsley, David, Dunja, Paula, Karen, Kjetil, Lee, Wing, Frank, Ivan
Leo, Uldis, Pasquale
PaulaP, Dunja


 Community Project

<Dunitschka> update on community projects: nothing new

Info Gathering

<kidehen> Kingsley's update re. Information Gathering

<kidehen> Input form effort is outstanding due to some information infrastructure issues (following power failure over the weekend in the area where we are situated: Burlington, MA). I should have a machine and DB combo setup for one of my admins to pickup with Ivan

<kidehen> Re. Community Projects: CIA Factbook and Musicbrainz have been added to the ever growing collection of Openly accessible and URI dereferencable RDF Data Sets




Dunja explains the green version of the first version

Dunja explains now the idea of the second version, the pink one

Ivan: the colour of the pink version is a bit too strong

Susie: +1 to Ivan's comment
... share the link by email
... group to provide comments on these versions

<bengee> ...or to make it available in a public area?

Ivan: W3C's opinion would be good

<bengee> (as /me still can't access the private wiki space)

Ivan: I like the green version
... usage of fonts should be make clear...our house fonts would be probably better

<_uldis> the DNA structure on the pink is nice though.

<_uldis> can we try a DNA version for different colors and see how they look?

<Karen> In print materials, we recommend Gill Sans and Gill Sans Bold from Adobe Systems. Walbaum may be used for a second font. Times Roman may be substituted for Walbaum.

thanks, Karen for the information

<Karen> You're welcome; from the CommTeam guidelines

Group: Semantic Web not particular to life sciences...

Dunja: another draft of the pink version...DNA structure not prioritized

<kjetilk> +1 for that

Ivan: not bound to a specific area

Karen: offers a couple of suggestions
... importance of data intergration for example
... high-level brochure taking this in consideration

Susie: pink version less pink and more general would be good

Ivan: I like the green colour better


<Dunitschka> Paula: deleted bulidingblocks, Susie added something on W3C

<Dunitschka> Ivan: enough space on the flyer?

<Dunitschka> Susie: descriptions on W3C, SWEO can be shorter

<Dunitschka> Ivan: is it worth having an item on SWEO at all?

<Dunitschka> Ivan/Susie: delete the SWEO part

<Dunitschka> Paula: img on data integration

<Dunitschka> Ivan: the eye is too prominent

<Dunitschka> Paula: draft for giving a guideline for a professional version

Use cases

<Dunitschka> Ivan: very soon 11-12 use cases - can be published

<Dunitschka> Susie: maybe a yahoo use case

<Dunitschka> Susie will be at the ESTC (31 May-1 June)

<Dunitschka> Susie: Lilly use case in June

<Dunitschka> Karen: OMG is putting up a new website with a lot of ressources

Logo progress

<Dunitschka> Susie: GRDDL group is developing logos

<Dunitschka> Ivan: its only a grddl logo; idea was to adapt that for a SW logo

<Susie> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-grddl-wg/2007May/0043.html

<Dunitschka> Ivan: Benjamin to get in contact with grddl group to share logo ideas

but I think they go for blue,not black

<bengee> http://esw.w3.org/topic/SweoIG/TaskForces/Logos/SemWebLogoIdeas

<Dunitschka> Benjamin: please give comments on the proposals

<Dunitschka> Ivan: very abstract - difficulties to see the SW

<Dunitschka> +1

<Karen> Let me share with CommTeam first

<Dunitschka> enterprise survey progress


<Dunitschka> Karen: more next week

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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