Attribute Extensions Namespace

The namespace name is intended to provide attribute extensibility by exploiting element extensibility. Attributes that are desired on an element whose schema does not permit extensibility are added to an attrExtensions sub-element. There are currently no formal descriptions are available.

Warning: Until a dependent specification reaches W3C Candidate Recommendation (CR) status, this namespace name may be reused by any update in such a way as to cause documents written using the namespace to become invalid or to change in meaning. Dependent specifications include:

This document is intended to comply with W3C policy for XML namespace names.

Defined Terms

The attrExtensions element allows attribute extensions and is placed within elements whose schema (in any language) permits elements extensibility, but not attribute extensibility. The following XML Schema excerpt defines the attrExtensions element.

<xs:element name="attrExtensions">
    <xs:anyAttribute namespace="##any" processContents="lax" />

This provides a general mechanism for adding extension attributes where attribute extensibility is not allowed, but element extensibility is allowed. It SHOULD NOT be used where attribute extensibility is allowed.

Eric Prud'hommeaux <>
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