31 Jan 2007


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Johannes, Shadi, CarlosI, CarlosV
Charles, Jim


F2F registration and logistics

saz: one or two have not yet registered

JK: Had problems to book the hotel, still no reply from hotel.

CI: hotel will be EUR 75 including breakfast
... we can provide one-to-one phone connection

<CarlosI> +7% taxes

CV: I can be available via phone at thursday morning, friday up to 11

<CarlosI> also several-to-several phone connection is possible

CV: will create a new version of Guide

SAZ: will create a new version of Schema doc
... EARL/HTTP in RDF/Pointers schema docs will be enough for F2F agenda, probably no time for guide doc

Debrief from multigroup meetings

SAZ: joint WAI meeting on testing: need infrastructure for testing, same as MWI testing meeting
... content labelling will become a WG (POWDER)
... we should monitor this

ERT WG group review of ATAG 2.0

SAZ: there were some comments from evaluation tool developers
... ATAG includes evaluation tools in the definition of AT
... ATAG describes a lot of interaction between authoring and checking

JK: strange to have all tools used by an author in the process of creating content to be ATs

CV: some participants wanted a broader definition

SAZ: if you want Level AA compliance your AT needs an ET
... at least with manual checking
... it's not defined how AT and evaluation/repair should interact

CI: is a built-in tool required?

SAZ: B.2.7 AT has to create an accessibility report, what about EARL report?

CI: that would be too much

SAZ: we should read ATAG and think about it
... MobileOK last call comments until March 6th
... send comments about ATAG to the list
... send comments about MobileOK Basic to the list
... on Feb 14th we should talk about MobileOK Basic
... see you next week

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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