Talks in India, August 2006

Talks delivered by W3C staff.

August 3-4, Internationalization Workshop, Delhi

  1. Keynote speech: Internationalizing Web Content , Richard Ishida, [PDF 606kb]
  2. Representing the Indian Region at the W3C, Richard Ishida, [PDF 115kb]
  3. Designing International Web Sites, Working with Composite Messages, Richard Ishida, [PDF 137kb]
  4. Internationalization and Localization Markup, Felix Sasaki, [HTML]
  5. Language Tags and Locale Identifiers for the World Wide Web, Felix Sasaki, [HTML]

August 24-25, Internationalization Summit, Bangalore

  1. Keynote speech: Internationalizing the Web, Richard Ishida, [PDF 700kb]
  2. Designing International Web Sites, Separating Content and Presentation, Richard Ishida, [PDF 475kb]
  3. Internationalization Tools: ITS, Richard Ishida, [PDF 150kb]

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