25 Oct 2006

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Ivan, LeeF, Susie, Wing, Charles, Pasquale, Helen_Chen, Steve_Harris, Jeff, + Frank

SWEO IG telco


Susie: welcome to everyone; this is an excellent time for w3c to start a sweo group
... we can really accelerate the adoption of sw
... an introduction should be done, who is what, what is the role, what is the work you are doing, etc?
... but it would be good to have such intro by email, too, for the records

I start: susie stephens, oracle, my role is to enhance oracle's insfrastucture for life sciences, I began to focus on SW around that topic

<LeeF> ivan: I'm Ivan Herman, the w3c semantic web activity lead

<LeeF> ...also act as a staff contact for SWEO IG

<LeeF> ... before this position, I was the head of offices for the W3C and as part of that I travelled a lot and gave tutorials and presentations on the semantic web

Lee: I work at IBM advanced tech group; our group's r&d involves using sw techs to entreprise problems
... our plan is to put lot of our work into open source, and sweo work is in line to raise awareness
... i am also member of w3c dawg group (sparql)

charles: i am product and services director at garlik, UK
... we will launch a new product in the next few weeks which will use sw

charles: garlic's product goal is to help people maintaining privacy online
... we have built an rdf framework in the w3c format, we have the largest commercial rdf store today (we believe)

Wing: i work at the ibm tech group, close with Lee
... working on text search in sw data

Pasquale: i am a web accessibility specialist, and also a sw researcher, I have created and maintain an italian portal on semweb
... it has italian translation of sw documents, also dublic core
... semantic web more accessible, and accessible web more semantics...

helen: representative of Agfa at the hcls group; we are interested in the health care domain, we work using sw engineering our work flow in health care

Jeff (intro): at oracle middleware; prior to oracle I was at cerebra (vice president), that had an OWL reasoning engine

scribe: before that I was at ??? developing ontologies and systems
... i was at various outreach positinos for a number of years, am happy to to be here

Frank (intro): I am from Chevron, i am new to the company, am at the entreprise arch. group, and working on information architectures.

scribe: before I was in safeway doing inf. archs. developing ontologies and taxonomies,
... i am interested in working and developing proposal at chevron working in this area

On the face to face meeting

steve: steve harris, formally in university of southampton, but now at garlik, developed a rdf store

susie: it is good to have this introduction, but we should also do that on email for people who come later
... upcoming information on the f2f meeting
... as far as sweo goes, the ig has the focus on the generation of colleterals and other materials, to enable people within the business to understand the sw
... we look at generation of higher level documents, focus on different industries, on specific areas (eg, entreprise search)
... sweo is an ig and not a wg, we have more flexibility in deciding what we achieve, and decided by the participants
... we can form it so that it meshes nicely with the participants' interest
... it is a bit starting late, but it is all right

<LeeF> ivan: magazines and other materials are currently full of wrong information about the semantic web

<LeeF> ... feelings are that the SW is way too complicated, complex, scientific

<LeeF> ... we should keep that in mind in our work

<LeeF> ... when we talk to various companies, they would like to see real business cases/applications -- not only demos

<LeeF> ... keep in mind what sort of things your companies' might allow you to publish about SW business cases

susie: the f2f meeting itself:
... most of you are aware that the form and the agenda are on the web

<scribe> agenda: -> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/sweo/public/2006/F2FAgenda_Nov2006.html

form-> http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/38539/sweof2fburl/

(susie going through the agenda items)

susie: (continuing the presentation of the agenda)

Frank: on the second day, there is three task forces identified, is there any specific task force that we would have

susie: we have not defined those in advance of the meeting, that would be dependent of the participants' interest
... and the task prioritization would also define those

Lee: i want just check, sweo membership is growing

susie: yes, correct, the simplest is for a member
... then it is simple and done
... if the person is not part of a w3c member, then we can try to recruit the company
... or invited expert, but at the moment we want to minimize the latter
... if we feel that we really have to reinforce an area, then we can do that
... there are about 10 other organization that are in the process, like Agfa, to join
... then we are done for today, we have the mailing list set up, I will send out my intro mail, please follow
... please use that, too

-- adjourned

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