5 Oct 2006

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Jim_Allan, Jan_Richards, parente, cklaws
Charles, M-N
Jim Allan
Jan Richards, JA




<jallan> scribe: Jan Richards

<jallan> title: UAWG Teleconference

<jallan> zakim [IBM] parente

7.1 Respect focus and selection conventions (P1)

<JR> JA: Liked JR's ATAG reference.

<JR> JA: 7.1 is pretty straightforward.

<JR> JR's msg: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ua/2006OctDec/0002.html

<JR> JA: PP should we add ref to APIs under 7.1 references?

<JR> PP: Lots of refs under 7.3

<JR> JA: Maybe we need a global appendix of refs to APIs etc...rather than bringing them up time after time

<JR> JA: Should we remove Motif?

<JR> PP: No leave for legacy purposes.

<JR> JA: 7.3 needs ATSPI ref

<JR> JA: Anything else missing from list ( selection, content focus, and user interface focus) in 7.1 ?

<JR> CL: there are several types of selection.

<JR> CL, JA, PP: Selection in browser content is problematic - some browsers don't allow content selection.

<JR> JA, CL: AT's provide make some selection mechanisms easier.

<JR> JA: Maybe under related techs we need to ref. 1.1 full keyboard access plus other selection CPs

7.2 Respect input configuration conventions (P1)

<JR> JR: One of the example techs seems to undercut the req.

<JR> CL: Some AT's depart when they use Insert etc.

<JR> JR: I think this is "extending" in a "respectful" way.

<JR> CL: Other ways to look at it

<JR> CL: Have to oveeride keyboard handling of OS

<JR> JA: Real prob is authoring supplied bindings eg. accesskeys than with AT's

<JR> JA: We've had fun with one handed keyboards, sticky keys and Jaws.

<JR> CL: There are definitely challenges.

<JR> CL: HPR added alt+shift+access key for accesskey

<jallan> JR leaves

<jallan> scribe: JA

<jallan> 7.2 needs addtional techniques for additional modifiers, pass through, defining keys to avoid conflicts with user interface keys

7.3 Respect operating environment conventions (P2)

<jallan> CL: There are some issues between AJAX widgets/controls and High contrast mode and alternate keyboard interfaces (sticky keys)

<jallan> CL: Note: update Appendix 3.17 http://www.w3.org/TR/UAAG10-TECHS/uaag10-tech.html#os-accessibility for all operating systems

<jallan> 3.17 is 3.17 Appendix: Accessibility features of some operating systems

<jallan> update forAccess-X- gnome, kcd; remove DOS, NT4, add new

<jallan> add references to related specs

7.4 Provide input configuration indications (P2)

<jallan> CL: if user is allowed to change the keybindings then the documentation is no longer current

<jallan> PP: there is keybinding change functionality for the OS in gnome,

<jallan> CL: If user changes keybindings, alert the user that the documentation will no longer be accurate

<jallan> provide some mechanism for the user to retrieve keybinding information

<jallan> new keybinding informatoin, and alter the user of conflicts

<jallan> alter=alert

<jallan> also need ability to reset keybinding to default settings

Summary of Action Items

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