12 Sep 2006


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Shadi, Shane, Vangelis, CarlosV, CarlosI, Michael, Tim, Christophe
CarlosV, Christophe


SAZ: need to take decisions for things might need to drop
... 1st one :version number

CS: optional element

CV: for bentoweb cvs numbering

TCDL final adoption

CV: keep it as optional

<shadi> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-ert-tsdtf/2006Sep/0004.html

SAZ: keep min terms
... keep it simple and use simple way to enter data (web form) and keep clear

CV: prefer optional and if not needed just keep it out
... optional and mandatory according to xml schema

SAZ: as a compromise keep version element but use cvs numbering (constant value)
... parser can ignore anything, can have what ever additional
... at least more guidance on how to use

CS: maybe more specific guidance

SAZ: other things even more vital

CI: version number public for everyone?
... if cvs numbering not available for everybody, we need an version element
... use cvs numbering for internal development and when released communicate it to public

<shadi> <version>$version</version>

SAZ: need to have cvs versioning machine readable: automatically updated
... take major or whole version numbering from cvs and communicate to public

Resolution: Have CVS versioning machine readable (variable) and communicate to the public

SAZ: Next element for consideration testElement
... how that (refering) worked in bentoweb?

CV: no major issue

SAZ: seams this raises issues on the dependency of technologies used
... Should we try and see how it will go?

Resolution: keep it and give a try. also keep an eye for resource consumption

CS: what about dc:rights ?

SAZ: no, this is ok

CS: drop dc:contributor and source? other comment ?

Resolution: drop dc:contributor and source

SAZ: preConditions, i take it bak
... tcdl starts from 1 and earl from 0. propose to earl group start from 1

CS: rules element - for bentoweb rule is only one with one or more locations - if it seems you have more than 1 it means you should have more than 1 test cases (for betoweb)

SAZ: need to work on that little more
... only need to describe a little better

SA: what is the use to cols / rows?

CV: human and machine readable
... continue next week with tcdl - take decisions before call (mailing list)

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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