16 Aug 2006


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Shadi, Jim, Johannes, Shane, CarlosV
Jim, Shadi


Update from TSD TF

SAZ: TF launched 3 weeks ago - setting up tools to get to create langs, and working on a test description language - but that's beyond scope really - mainly we want to use one and got a candidate in
... Test Case Description from Bentoweb project.
... major issue is that it's XML based rather than RDF
... leaning towards just using and at a later stage hoping some RDF appears and we could transition

<shadi> http://bentoweb.org/refs/TCDL1.1/

SAZ: Anyone in ER have a concern with just using XML?

JK: Concerned about using RDF tools if there refering to an XML test description

"Testable Statement" class by Charles

saz: no objections to TestableStatement (and TestRequirement or TestCase) so far
... explains history of TestableStatement

cv: the hierarchy of TestRequirement and TestCase is not clear

jk: EARL is not meant to record this hierarchy, can use dc:hasPart or dc:isPartOf

cv: why do we need the TestableStatement super class?

jk: to differentiate the two use cases

cv: there is a piece of the puzzle missing

saz: yes, a test description language but that is outside EARL

jk: having owl:oneOf restriction means either TestRequirement or TestCase but TestableStatement
... might be too restrictive

saz: agree
... maybe a restriction of maxCardinality=1 for TestableStatement makes more sense

jk: i'd use that

"Pointers" class by Jim

cv: what about fuzzy pointers by Nick Kew?

saz: i think these are HTML pointers

jl: fuzzy pointers and HTML pointers are the same thing


saz: read the pointer methods send any objections to the list

Summary of Action Items

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