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SWHCLS Panel at IBC’s Drug Discovery Conference

The W3C was invited to lead a panel discussion 8 August, 2006 at IBC’s Drug Discovery Conference on the application of Semantic Web Technologies to Health Care and Life Sciences. The theme of the discussion was how Semantic Technologies are enabling the “bench to bedside vision.” W3C CEO Dr. Steve Bratt opened the session with brief remarks about the charter of the W3C’s Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group and introduction of the panel: Eric Neuman (Teranode) and co-chair of HCLS-IG; Tonya Hongsermeier (Partners Health Care) and co-chair of the HCLS-IG; Susie Stephens (Oracle); Ted Slater (Pfizer); and Helen Chen (Agfa Life Sciences).

The presentations addressed the following key points:

  1. Brief overview of Semantic Web Technologies, including “myth vs. fact” examples, and a comparison of data integration approaches using XML trees versus RDF SW technologies; Eric Neumann. [Slides are available online]
  2. Clinical example in hospital setting of SW technologies helping physicians and pharmas to deliver better patient outcomes; Tonya Hongsermeier. [Slides are available online]
  3. Vendor perspective of how RDF is being integrated into databases today; Susie Stephens. [Slides are available online]
  4. Presentation of one pharmaceutical company's use case for SW technologies to accelerate drug targeting and discovery; Ted Slater.
  5. Specific example of software product for life sciences application using SW technologies; Helen Chen.

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