28 Jun 2006


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Johannes, Shadi, Jim, CarlosI, David
Nick, Chris


Test Samples Development Task Force (TSD TF)

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/2006/tests/tests-tf

saz: TSDTF approved by ERT and WCAG WGs

saz: any comments, objections, ideas?
... next step will be call for participation, next week

Proposal to replace earl:Software for dctype:Software

saz: earl:Software was used as TestSubject or Assertor
... proposal was to use dctype:Software instead
... some comments by CarlosI
... other peoples' reactions?

jj: I'm fine with using dctype:Software
... DC may change meaning

saz: don't think so

resolution: replace earl:Software with dctype:Software

Proposal to add foaf:Agent to "Allowable Types" for earl:TestSubject

saz: open up things to be tested by using foaf:Agent instead of earl:Software

ci: why have a specific thing when it is not necessary?

saz: do you want owl:Thing?

ci: no, I want something more general than foaf:Agent

saz: at the moment we have either earl:Software or earl:WebContent
... do we need something more general?
... e.g. a service provided on the web

jj: if we don't restrict it, I'm happy with it

saz: in the schema we do restrict it
... fix the schema to not restrict?

jj: expand it to owl:Thing

resolution: expand allowable type for test subject to owl:Thing

Usage of dc:identified and dcterm:URI in EARL 1.0?

saz: use dcterm:URI in web content, use foaf:homepage in software?
... dcterm:URI is not marked stable; but I can't imagine what should change

jk: could use dcterm:URI in HTTP-in-RDF as well

saz: DC could drop it

jj: don't think they'll do

ci: we shouldn't use dc:identifier

jk: yes

ci: ok

<drooks> sorry, im ok with proposal

resolution: use dcterm:URI in web content

saz: use foaf:homepage in software?

<JibberJim> I think so

jk: ok

<drooks> fine

resolution: use foaf:homepage in software instead of dc:location

Naming and presenting "HTTP-in-RDF" and "RFC822-in-RDF"

saz: titles are misleading
... create only one note including HTTP and only basic RFC822 stuff

jk: yep
... Karl Dubost suggested "HTTP vocabulary in RDF", I'm fine with that

saz: that's pretty precise
... jk will continue on that

jk: rename it and merge the two

<shadi> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-ert/2006Jun/0018.html

saz: next meeting next week

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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