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Comment LC-2513
Commenter: Detlev Fischer <fischer@dias.de>

Resolution status:

The "How to meet" document offers four alternative options to meet SC 1.4.4 (Resize Text), one of them simply "G142: Using a technology that has commonly-available user agents that support zoom". F69, on the other hand, describes the failure of clipping , truncating or obscuring text when applying text-only magnification to 200%. It seems that the How to meet" document should link support for page zoom to a (perhaps more modest) support for text-only zoom. Just affording page zoom (this works nearly always without any extra effort) does not prevent the failure 69 when scaling text only.

Proposed Change:
Change logic in the "How to meet" document: G142 alone is not good enough. In addition, text-only resizing must also work to ensure a pass of F69.
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