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Comment LC-2491
Commenter: Detlev Fischer <fischer@dias.de>

Resolution status:

The behaviour described in F9 - changing context such as opening new windows or submitting the form - also seems to apply to the requirements of SC 3.2.2 "On Input".
The behaviour described: "removing focus from a form element, such as by moving to the next element, causes a change of context" is arguably even more disrupting than the more specific Failure F36: "Failure of Success Criterion 3.2.2 due to automatically submitting a form and presenting new content without prior warning when the last field in the form is given a value" - in the latter, the form might at least have been completed.

Proposed Change:
Extend applicability of F9 to SC 3.2.2 On Input AND SC 3.2.5 Change of Request
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