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Comment LC-2462
Commenter: Sailesh Panchang <spanchang02@yahoo.com>

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Under Intent it states:
“it may be most appropriate to duplicate some information (for instance, in an HTML table, providing the summary both in the paragraph before the table
and in the summary attribute of the table itself).”
Comment: Not sure why summary attribute needs to be present if it duplicates text in para above.
This is giving fodder to those who wish to banish the summary attribute.
If this duplication is alright, why then having alt that is identical to anchor text in image link not alright?

Response from WG:
With the table, the text in the paragraph above is not programmatically associated with the table (except if using WAI-ARIA). The summary is linked. With your second example, both texts are programmatically associated to the link.

Response from Commenter:

Thanks for the response.
Sorry, I disagree. A sighted user can only associate the data table with some explanatory text in a paragraph on the page by reference to a sentence in the text that refers to the table like, "In the accompanying table ..." or "Table-1 refers to ...".
Programmatic association does not help the sighted user. A screen reader user too will be in the same position and he must not have to access this content twice - once through table's summary attribute. Programmatic association is not required here. Programmatic association / markup is required to expose structure / relationships that may not be otherwise quickly or easily apparent to assistive technology users.
In fact it is misuse or misapplication of table summary if it duplicates page-text. The summary is meant to assist non-sighted users understand table structure of complex tables or salient / key data revealed by the table which is evident to sighted users.
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