ISSUE-24: What is the relationship between OWL and RIF Core [CP]

What is the relationship between OWL and RIF Core [CP]

OWL/RDF Compatibility
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Christopher Welty
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At the June f2f, the WG accepted as a requirement \"RIF must cover OWL knowledge
bases as data where compatible with Phase 1 semantics.\" This shoudl probably
read, given our terminology shift, \"RIF core must cover OWL KBs as data where
compatible with its semantics\".

What is needed to meet this requirement - even further, whats the best we can do
to support OWL (ontologies) in RIF Core.
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Closed by WG resolution at the 4/15/2008 Telecon. This issue is addressed in the RDF+OWL document (at the time the issue was opened, Core was BLD).

Christopher Welty, 16 Apr 2008, 02:51:00

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