Minutes for 5 March 2008 URW3 Meeting



  1. Approve minutes from previous meeting. Note, the minutes are linked from http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/urw3/#Minutes
  2. Review status of action items from previous meeting
  3. Editing team report on status of final report and completion status of work assignments
  4. Discussion of conclusions and recommendations
  5. Discuss path to completion of final report, including wiki to html conversion, issues tracking, and finalizing the report
  6. Other business

Scribe:  Mike Pool

Discussion summary:

  1. Approve minutes from previous meeting. 

    Minutes from previous meeting approved.

  2. Review status of action items from previous meeting

    Previous Action 1: Mitch to add UncAnn tag to speaker use case.


    Previous Action 2: Kathy to set up appointment and recommendation use cases telecon with authors of those use cases.

    Done. Meeting occurred, we discussed ontology, and made some minor changes. There was some discussion of the use case ontology in that meeting.  It was noted that the charter was not to construct a fully robust ontology for representing uncertainties.

    Previous Action 3:  Paulo and the rest of the editing team to point to specific example of how use case should look for section 5.
    Done. Paulo used the discovery use case, Section 5.1, as the representative of correct use case formatting. Most of the use cases in the report follow that format closely with the exceptions of use case 15, the health care example, and use case 3 also seems to be a non sequitur.

    Previous Action 4:  Paulo seek copyright permission to include excerpts from book chapter.

    Done.Paulo sent an email requesting copyright permission.  No response yet. Paulo to continue to pursue copyright permission.

    Previous Action 5:  Ken to remove write permissions from wiki pages after March 2.

    Ken removed write permissions.

    Previous Action 6:  Paulo on behalf of editing team to follow up coming up with section 5 format by sending format to all use case authors, with email pointing to specific weak points or omissions in use case that needs to be addressed.

    Paulo created an html page and circulated it to the group

    Previous Action 7:  Trevor to go through IRC log and make first stab at pulling together a coherent view of discussion.
    Trevor did this and sent an email summarizing the discussion.

  3. Editing team report on status of final report and completion status of work assignments and discussion of final report (these were distinct items but the discussions were merged into one)

  4. Discuss path to wrapping up the URW3 XG's work

  5. Discuss next steps to decide if there should be follow-on work and how we should proceed"

  6. Other business

Meeting was adjourned.

Action items (and responses completed prior to next meeting)

  1. ACTION (1): Paulo to continue to pursue copyright permission.
  2. ACTION (2): Paulo to move content from 5.3 and A.3 to more appropriate sections.
  3. ACTION (3): Ken will just open the whole Wiki, but we should all note that we should only be editing 6 and 7
  4. ACTION (4): Paulo to ping authors for incomplete appendix sections.
  5. ACTION (5): Ken to try to change the settings on tracker so that tracker items don't go to the public list.
  6. ACTION (6): Ken to get verification from each person that his/her name and organization in the contact section is correctly represented.
  7. ACTION (7): Ken to set up a telecon, notifying the group and reserving zakim. 
  8. ACTION (8): Kathy to send an xperts to renew and giving instructions on how to do so.
  9. ACTION (9): Ken to write the w3c staff to let them know that we're doing the final editing and putting together the final content and extending our work for a few weeks