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The Device Independent Web

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The Device Independent Web


Stéphane Boyera

International Conference & Workshop on Web Technologies

New Delhi, India, November 11 2005


The User's Dream

The web should be accessible by anyone, anywhere, at anytime, anyhow

user device independence description

Problems for Content Authors

mobiles in christmas 2004


Author's Dream

Write once, Render everywhere : avoid duplication of information

author device independent description


What do you need to achieve Device Independence ?

  1. Standardized markup for a wide range of devices
  2. New authoring technologies for multi-channel/multi-device authoring
  3. Authoring Guidelines and best practices
  4. Improved content negotiation between UA and content servers to help adaptation

di framework

Markup Languages on User Agents

Authoring Techniques

Content Selection



layout concept

Layout (2)

2 pieces needed :

Layout (3)

Metada for Content Adaptation

Langage Profile for Device Independence

Content Adaptation

adaptation engines have 2 inputs and one output

Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP)


CC/PP (2)

An instance : UAProf (OMA)

A Repository of Devices information

Delivery Context Interface

Authoring Guidelines and Best Practices

Anything else ?

W3C Working Groups


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Further Information

Contact for MWI : Philipp Hoschka and Stéphane Boyera

Contact for DI Activity : Stéphane Boyera and Max Froumentin

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Device Independence Activity Home Page

Device Description Working Group Home Page

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