11 Oct 2005


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Shadi, Johannes, Jim, Nick, Charles
Carlos, Sandor


Sortable Tools List

SAZ: tools list discussed on EOWG
... data available in RDF
... everyone can build interface, add annotation
... database is incomplete
... when interface is ok, then add more information about tools
... any further ideas? how useful is it? more usecases?

CR: nice to have the list
... add guidelines?

SAZ: already available
... can already be searched for

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/tools/

SAZ: point taken

<chaals> sorry I am late - just got back into the office...

JL: agree with CMN
... give disclaimer per tool?

<niq> maybe per-tool should have source-of-info; e.g. vendor-supplied, scraped, along with date

SAZ: each tool vendors publishes information for their tool, then link to this info from tool list

NK: aggregate information provided by tool vendors

SAZ: problem is how to get all the information, when vendors don't provide it
... what is the developer's problem to provide info

CMN: translation of information?
... different languages

SAZ: develop a form for developers to add information

NK: automatic check of external vendor information

SAZ: level of trust

<JibberJim> SVG WG take a direct feed from svg.org ...

<chaals> +1 to Nick's suggestion

NK: automatic update with email notification to maintainer

CMN: what about adding reviews?

SAZ: would be difficult because of W3C's vendor-neutrality

<chaals> [yes, definitely reviews from elsewhere, not providing W3C resources to do them...]

<niq> Hiving off responsibility: something like <a href="google?q=accessibility+review+wcag+earl">some reviews</a>


SAZ: test suite could be used later
... main thing is collecting information now
... later this week there will be an updated list of tools
... suggestion from Opera
... unsure if BNF is the right tool

CMN: we want RDF schema to be trimmed

SAZ: developers tend to look at it from an XML perspective instead of RDF

<niq> shadi admits RDF is too obscure for real people :-)

CMN: does definition in BNF hold up work for RDF schema?
... what's the benefit?

SAZ: 1. understand model/conformance
... 2. why not write up in formal grammar
... let's talk about that at F2F
... hopefully we can come up with a timeline after F2F

Updated F2F Agenda

SAZ: come prepared to F2F

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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