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23 Aug 2005


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Addison, Moataz, Richard, Mary, Felix
Regrets: -


Summary of Action Items

Agenda/Announcements/Etc. (5 minutes)


Action Items (5 minutes)


WS-I18N (5 minutes)

AP: Mary does some document work
... document is in good shape to proceed to first WD


link to current document

.. editors: Addison and Mary

RI editor's copy should be set in the xml source
... AP should add that in the role attributte of the spec element
... document should not look like a the WD until publishing

FS: date of publishing?

AP: today would be date of approval, publishing of course later

RI: examples don't follow the current style guidelines
... I put a link into IRC for that
... (RI describes the style guide for i18n)


<r12a> also http://www.w3.org/International/xmlspec/002/documentation/styleguide.html

fs: would like to have one more week to look at the document

ap: we should publish soon

felix: we will publish soon



Felix will create a shell for a document on LangLoc

in 2 - 3 weeks


AP: I will ping Francois about the charmod norm draft
... draft made no progess for a long time
... volunteers for editing?

Ri: would like to, but busy
... f2f meeting would help to do such work

AP: we need to plan a f2f

fs: how about tech plenary?

AP: we need to make progress

RI: There is not many people who can do initial editing, only Francois, Tex, AP, RI
... resource identifier part of char spec needs also progress

AP: I talked with Martin about that

RI: we made no progress so far

AP: I will contact Martin about char model - identifier spec

URI guidelines


FS: to look at the public tag minutes if they have already a set of comments, and see if we can comment until next week wednesday as well


XLink 1.1 comments

<r12a> felix, can you add a link to your comments


fs: describes the comments

RI: on comment 2: bidi, language markup is a better example than ruby

fs: will add these

RI: on comment 7: make a generic unicode reference, see charmod

FS: I will use the wording in char mod, i.e. "please use a generic ref. of the unicode standard, as described in the char mod" (point them to char mod)



mail about the topic: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-international/2005JulSep/0102.html

AP: Describes the xmllang issue
... we have talked to qt people to make sure that they recognize the scope problem
... in the faq, there is a sidebare which says: be careful that xml:lang has scope
... we have been said that could create problems during xml, e.g. as you merge elements

e.g. what to do with elements which have no xml:lang element, but are inside one with xml:lang?

ri: we have the same problem with RDF

ap: right
... my reaction: I said to Sandy that he is right, and that we paid attention to this in the past
... if we had an official position about this, we should put that into a document

ri: I would love (somebody) to do that

fs: I would love to do that

ap: put that please into a new wiki


Time zone(s)

ap: please have a look at the wiki and send comments to our list, or wiki the comments directly into the document


RI: if you start a new wiki, start with i18n again
... we need to add access rights to stop spamers

AP: would like to send this of until next meeting, so please make comments until friday

RI: felix to put action items on the top of the notes

[End of minutes]

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