18 Aug 2005

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[IBM], Jim_Allan



Hi Cathy, I am on another Call, will be on the phone in a minute.

<cklaws> Jim, did you call in?

Hi Cathy, on a call, be on in a minute

I can't get off

<cklaws> You mean you can't leave your other call?

cathy can you get david to join the irc

<cklaws> David Poehlman?

<cklaws> Aaron Leventhal is on the call

ah, have Aaron join irc

<cklaws> He and I wanted to know about the Firefox + WE 5 UAAG report agenda item

almost there , calling in now

Window Eyes 5 and Firefox

aaron: we may be able to get someone in the community to do a WE eval.

you run the tests live and enter results. Tests are time consuming.

aaron: what is timing for evaluation. Perhaps in December
... need to wait for FF 1.5 and WE 5.5 and JAWS 7.0
... need to wait for the release and at least 1 bug patch.

this will us time to establish procedures for non-working group members

to use the test suites and report data.

cklaws: FF extensions, need to specify the extensions installed during the evaluation

aaron: key conflcts with extensions and browser functioning.
... FF will have svg support but will not be accessible to msaa, assistive technology need to implement isimple dom so they can get the information

for the screen reader to display to the user

mathml is very rare in the wild, svg is rare also.

cklaws: review wcag work and dhtml roadmap and how it impacts UAAG

using css for accessiblity, see article in IBM Systems Journal

use css to expose accessibilty content, may be more of a technique rather than something to test

a useful resource - http://www.access-matters.com/

# Techniques for (UAAG) 1.0, which provides implementation details for

satisfying the requirements of the Guidelines.

write new techniques for new tests or new areas such as CSS, SVG, SMIL

Summary of Action Items

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