ISSUE-10: Algebraic differentiation operator

Algebraic differentiation operator

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Michael Kohlhase
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In the diff operator, we used a bvar schema to specify the bound variables. But
in the new canonical MathML, we only allow bvar in bind (which carries the
expectation of alpha-equivalence). Thus we cannot make algebraic diff a binding
operator, and have to pass the differentiation variable as a regular argument
(i.e. no bvar

For seeing how things work out in the concert of things, I have added an aDiff
symbol to the content dictionary calculus_veccalc for algebraic differentiation.
Have a look, how it works.

I am not sure the naming is good, or whether we should have two CDs, one for
algebraic-, and one for function-operations. I kind of like this idea, since
there are other algebraic/function distinctions here, and we have to think about
CD grouping for K-14 anyways.
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Related notes:

Again, it is possible to map this to different elements of the OpenMath
dictionary depending on its structure. The structures do not need to be in 1-1
correspondene. There just has to be a 1-1 mapping from some structure in
MathML to OpenMath.

Having said this, I am open to arguments that users \"EXPECT\" a different
operator for algebraic operations. If so, one should be supplied, but the
justification is different.

Also, if we introduced it, we might need to deal with legacy issues. deprecation
is a possibility.

On the whole, I think it would make the notation easier to use and understand.
(fewer surprises)

13 Feb 2007, 00:00:00

I think that we have satisfactorily dealt with this using lambda, closing this issue

Michael Kohlhase, 8 May 2008, 06:18:29

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