Working Group Tools

Working Group Life Phase Tasks Tools Status
Creating a Working Group Organizing a Workshop setting up a meeting registration with WBS mostly good
reviewing position papers with WBS ad-hoc
Getting the Working Group charter reviewed setting up a WG charter review questionnaire ready
Starting a Working Group Creating a Call for Participation setting up a group in IPP mostly ready
drafting the Call for Participation ready
Maintaining WG participants list using DBWG (can be synchronized with mailing list subscriptions) ready
automated for IPP groups ready
Creating a WG Web space news system (à la blog and Wiki) mostly ready (with Markup Guidelines)
using a standard layout low end (with Markup Guidelines)
setting ACLs per area ready
Organizing regular meetings Setting up meetings deciding day, time (teleconf), place (f2f) ad-hoc with WBS and the meeting planner
setting up a F2F meeting registration with WBS ready
informing W3C members of a F2F low-end (, generated iCalendar)
requesting a teleconference slot low-end (adminreq)
Managing meetings creating and announcing an agenda nothing
finding a scribe low-end (manually maintained list or Zakim)
publishing minutes with RRSAgent and scribe.perl (or with the related comma-tool) can be improved but already pretty good
recording issues, resolutions, action items with RRSAgent can be improved but already a basis
recording issues, resolutions, action items with trackbot very efficient
tracking good standing, minutes, etc. with MMS system in beta-release (unmaintained?)
Getting to consensus Tracking issues with Bugzilla can be improved but already a basis
with ExIT can be improved but already a basis (lacks a UI)
with trackbot & co simple but very efficient
and more ad-hoc
Organizing straw poll & votes setting up formal votes and straw polls with WBS ready
Publishing documents Getting write-access for Editors CVS accessready
WebDAV being deployed
Making progresses on internal drafts gathering requirements and use cases nothing specific
annotating a document Annotea but rarely used
cross-referencing spec and issues ExIT annotations
using editing templates ,new ?
maintaining a list of test assertions nothing specific
Getting document ready to publish XMLSpec mostly ready, but poor documentation
ReSpecunobtrusive JavaScript spec editing tool
TR Bibliography generator mostly ready, but rarely used
Bikeshed converts a document in Bikeshed format (a mixture of HTML5, MarkDown and its own extensions) to a W3C Technical Report Ready. Source & documentation. As of 2017 actively developed.
TR "munger" (fix documents to make them pubrules-compliant) munge 0.1 (Bash script; run postprocessor afterwards)
TR postprocessor (ToC, bibliography, cross-refs, section numbers, alphabetic index, etc.). Ready. (Manuals 1 and 2 assume a CSS spec, but tool works for any.)
Pubrules checker ready
Producing diffs between 2 versions of a draft tools available but not really deployed?
Producing PDF versions of the spec ad-hoc tools in WGs, but nothing deployed (see also Norman Walsh XSL FO)
TR References checker ready
IETF References checker ready
spell checker ready
Getting a document published finding a publication date (Webmaster, Comm Team) nothing
Managing document transitions finding a date with Director, Comm, QA nothing
draft a director decision nothing
prepare a call for review (PR, PER) ready
Tracking and responding to feedback Setting a feedback system creating a specific mailing list ready, but harder to track
using bugzilla poor usability
Tracking feedback using bugzilla reliable, but somewhat costly
using cwm, XSLT, e.g. DanC's RDF based system very ad-hoc, but efficient
through issues tracking (e.g. in ExIT) not always appropriate
using Dom's LC Comment Tracker manual comment entry, annotated spec, DoC
Generating a disposition of comments from bugzilla with XSLT limited to bugzilla tracking
Using ExIT's director view limited to Exit tracking
using Dom's LC Comment Tracker manual comment entry, annotated spec, DoC
Managing patent disclosures with WBS ready
IPP ready (but limited to groups under PP)
Managing implementation reports Managing test cases XML DTD, XML Schema, RDF Schema ad-hoc, no standard
CVS no or little metadata management
using bugzilla not yet tried?
proprietary systems in Voice & co not widely available
packaging test suites nothing specific
Managing test results gathering results using RDF and the Web (e.g. with the OWL Test Suite) ad-hoc, but powerful
gathering results using WBS (e.g. XKMS Test Suite) ad-hoc, still experimental
Generating Implementation Reports ? nothing specific

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux <dom@w3.org>
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