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Smartlist todo list

Smartlist todo list, approximately in order of priority:

  1. implement spam brigade for aa system
  2. require subs/unsub requests to be confirmed
  3. notify posters when messages bounce to the list maintainer for approval because their message exceeded the list's size limit
  4. fix bug: doesn't process overly large admin requests
  5. fix bug: traps messages with e.g. "remove" in subject too enthusiastically
  6. fix bug: make it clearer what's going on when people confirm subscriptions to a list that does not allow auto-subbing
  7. fix bug: should check for misdirected admin requests before checking for archive approval (example)
  8. automate the db-backed part of dbwg creation (make rc.submit check for the presence of .db-backed and act accordingly)
  9. usability improvements: make it more obvious what went wrong when messages bounce to the list maintainer for approval
  10. allow anyone with member+ auth to self-approve held messages?
  11. notify posters when messages bounce to the list maintainer for approval because they are not on accept list
  12. fix bug: barfs when there are no subscribers on a dist list (strange smartlist/exim interaction)
  13. close spammer loophole: accept lists are applied against 'Reply-To', 'Resent-From', etc. headers; should limit that to From: and maybe a few others? (see sample abuse; had Reply-To: gerald@w3.org. Hmm, maybe with other anti-forgery stuff in place, this won't be a large issue?)
  14. do a (one-time) shutdown of old lists
  15. bug 240: send regular reports of misconfigured lists to list maintainers
  16. notify posters when messages bounce to the list maintainer for approval because it appeared to be from a daemon, etc.
  17. send monthly notifications/probes a la imc.org?
  18. check if source code is available for debian's customized smartlist (it probably does sub/unsub confirmation, etc. Also seems to do VERPed delivery. Also, check if their exim config is available; they may have done related tuning.) (attempted once, no reply)
  19. implement automagic bounce handling using VERPs? (or just rely on bounces from monthly probes?)
  20. keep a record of the last n bounces for each subscriber (for debugging)
  21. fix bug: often removes the wrong person (maybe a non-issue if we have switched to relying on VERPs for bounce tracking)
  22. bug fix: if someone tries to sub when they're already subbed, they get no notification/ack; list maintainer just gets "Already on the subscriber list" in an X-Diagnostic header
  23. bug fix: stop inserting spurious newlines
  24. allow each list to have separate spamassassin profiles (see debian bug #163194 for related clues)
  25. create "accept rules"? (and reject rules): site-wide and list-specific regexps applied to arbitrary headers/body to accept/reject messages. Use cases:

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