Web Services Coordination Group call
20 Jan 2004


Present: David, Jonathan, Carine, Steve, Martin, Hugo

Regrets: Eric

Chair: SteveRT

Scribe: Hugo


Approval of minutes

Scribe: http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/cg/4/01/06-minutes.html approved

Review of action items

Scribe: DONE: Steve to draft email to AB to express desire to have CG involved in organizational liaison, providing technical point of view
... People on the call are happy with the new draft
... DONE: Steve to inform everybody that deadline (for WS-I feedback) is next call (20 January 2004)
... done late
... WS Chor report: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ws-cg/2004Jan/0020.html
... Jonathan, my feeling is that things seem to go well in the current situation
... David, I have the same feeling

<Scribe> ACTION: WSCWG chairs to follow-up with SWSIG coordination email / reissue the request [PENDING]

Groups reports

Scribe: -- XML CG
... Nobody present
... -- SW CG
... Nobody present
... -- SWS IG

Carine: it may be a good idea to have the IG review the WSCWG spec

Scribe: -- WSC WG

Martin: trying to close our requirements documents
... we have a few issues left
... we are in the process of writing a letter to the WSDWG in favor of features and properties
... we should get it out today

Jonathan: interesting, we can use it at next week's F2F

Scribe: -- WSA WG

Hugo: updated all the documents
... working on nailing down pieces

Steve: the GGF cites the WSAWG management work

Scribe: ACTION: Steve to send out GGF WSAWG management references
... -- WSD WG

Jonathan: not a lot going on
... will work on issues at the F2F next week

Scribe: -- XMLP WG

David: we are pushing for publication of MTOM and XOP (XML binary optimization protocol; old name: MIFFY)
... W3C proposed and the WG accepted /TR/SOAP/ pointing to SOAP 1.2 recommendation
... thanks to WSDWG who have been careful since the beginning about pointing to the dated URL, I have sent an email out pointing out the use of the undated URL
... we have an issue with minutes publication: we can't search the Member site; I am considering starting a redundant mailing list for posting the minutes

Steve: this applies to all groups

Jonathan: I encouraged my WG people to send the minutes to the list
... it is a little crude, but it works

David: if I send a plain text attachment, will it get indexed?

Hugo: Google will index it for a public mailing list, I'm not sure about W3C's search engine

<Marsh> Looks like attached HTML files are not indexed...

David: it would be great if Member pages and public pages could be well differentiated

Jonathan: can we propose that attachments are indexed?

<SRT> I'd like search capabilities for: text attachments and html attachments as well as email bodies

Hugo: so, what features do we want?

David: search through Member files

Steve: search through text and HTML attachments in the mailing list archive
... all attachements

Scribe: ACTION: Hugo to ask systems team for possibility of improving search engine

Summary of Action Items

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