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W3C/IETF Teleconference 13 Mar 2003

Agenda (proposed)

  1. Administrative: attendance, next meeting
  2. Update on media-type registration procedure
  3. Names of W3C ietf-drafts
  4. Asking IANA to maintain tidy URIs
  5. Update of XML Media Types (RFC 3023) due to XPointer
  6. Update of RFC 2396 (URI spec): Planned BOF by Larry Masinter in SFO
  7. IAB document on internationalization in protocol elements
  8. Update on W3C Patent Policy

See irc-log for detailed discussion.


1. Administrative

1.1 Attendance

regrets:Dan Connolly

1.2 Next Meeting

The emerging trend is to hold these meetings prior to each IETF meeting.

Next IETF is July 13-18 in Vienna. RESOLVED: to meet again Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 1:00-2:30 Boston (1700Z).

1.3 Lists

Freed: w3c-policy@apps.ietf.org 's host server moved from Univ of Tenn to IETF secretariat, caused a hiccup but seems to be working now.

Reagle: does the IETF system permit private archives, perhaps we could simplify the IETF list and W3C alias/archive?

ACTION Ned Freed: investigate private archiving for IETF hosted list.

Berners-Lee notes that public-ietf-w3c@w3.org receives a public version of the minutes, not much discussion yet.

2. Update on MIME type registration procedure


Freed: on version 4, Daigle has read it; not much discussion so far aside from Reagle's comment about the "endorsement" wording. ACTION Ned Freed: try to last call the document today and champion this issue at he upcoming Sunday IESG meeting. This process may be usable within the 6-8 week time frame assuming no problems.

Status of XENC registration

Freed: wants to avoid the "stub" version of the registry (which XENC is) and prefers to postpone this until the new policy is in place. RESOLVED: Reagle agrees that this is acceptable.

Status of SMIL registration

Freed: this had all the of the information necessary in the draft and can proceed along the traditional path for publication as Informational RFC. ACTION Ned Freed: refresh the status of the SMIL solicitation on the IESG agenda.

3. Names of W3C ietf-drafts

Last meeting it was resolved that W3C drafts would be named draft-w3c-*. There was discussion in the IETF context which did not close to a point and confirm this resolution.

ACTION Alison Mankin: bring up this issue to the IESG for confirmation and report back to w3c-policy@apps.ietf.org, with possibility of asking Joseph Reagle to reflect this resolution in W3C Guidebook.

4. Asking IANA to maintain tidy URIs

draft-connolly-w3c-accessible-registries asks IANA to maintain dereferencable and persistent URIs as identifiers. Masinter: presumption is that this will be advanced as BCP.

ACTION Ned Freed: Next week sit down with Michelle/IANA to discuss this proposal and to get feedback, and then carry that discussion forward to the IAB. Report back to w3c-policy@apps.ietf.org as to result.

5. Update on XML media-types

Martin Dürst reports that with the imminent publication of the XPointer REC it begs the question of consequences for RFC3023.

RESOLVED: This is a work in progress, but RFC3023 should be obsoleted in two parts: (1) the XML media-type registration (text/xml, application/xml) , and (2) the BCP guidelines for similar registrations. Masinter advocates that if the W3C (XML Core WG) does the first, it should also do the second and not let it get dropped or lost -- even though it should be a RFC that clearly obsoletes RFC3023 and says as much.

6. Update of RFC 2396 (URI spec): Planned BOF by Larry Masinter in SFO

Masinter: this BOF is mostly being driven by Roy Fielding to address the update of RFC 2396, the IRI specifications, and a formalization of the process for advancing new URI schemes. A few other things are not yet in scope (such as deprecating "gopher:" and revisiting the "file:" scheme, which does require some nuanced work) but I hope might become a topic of interest at the BOF.

7. IAB document on internationalization in protocol elements


Dürst sent an email on IRI (which Leslie responded to) which is important to the W3C so all of our specifications can normatively reference it.

Daigle reports that Ted Hardie (on IAB and incoming APPs director) did put out a draft-iab-char-rep with the general issues the IAB sees. The document is more theoretical and could use more real examples. Remaining discussion is whether we understand/agree how the IRI relates to the IAB draft.

ACTION Martin Dürst: review the draft-iap-char-rep, and then coordinate with Ted Hardie and Leslie Daigle on next steps.

8. Update on W3C Patent Policy

Bradner: IETF is wrapping up its work on clarifying existing policy, but is considering extending the charter to consider changes akin to those of the forthcoming W3C Patent Policy. Would appreciate information on the status of the W3C document, the issue of RAND exceptions; would anyone be available to represent the W3C status/position in SFO at their meeting? RESOLUTION: no one on the call is prepared to give an accurate update, Bradner should contact Danny Weitzner for more information.

The meeting was adjourned at Thu Mar 13 13:01 2003 ###

Joseph Reagle, chair/scribe
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