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This Interest Group has been closed at the end of February 2008, as defined by its last charter. Please use the www-ws @w3.org mailing list for discussions.

The Semantic Web Services Interest Group was part of the. Web Services Activity. The purpose of the Semantic Web Services Interest Group was to provide an open forum for W3C Members and non-Members to discuss Web Services topics essentially oriented towards integration of Semantic Web technology into the ongoing Web Services work at W3C.

The Semantic Web Services Interest Group has been partly supported by the WS2 project [EC IST FP6 program, call 2].



The Semantic Annotation for WSDL (SAWSDL) Working Group has been working in 2006-2007. More information about this group (how to participate, drafts, ..) available on the SAWSDL WG public home page.

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Specifications have been submitted by W3C members in 2004-2005:

The acknowledgment of a Submission request does not imply an endorsement by W3C, including the W3C Team, any of the Members, or any of the Host Institutes. It merely records publicly that the Submission request has been made by the submitting Member. The specification may not be referred to as "work in process" of the W3C.

Discussion list

The Interest Group mailing list is now closed. Discussions on Web Services at W3C can take place at www-ws@w3.org (publicly archived mailing list).

In order to participate to join this list (public and open to non-W3C members) subscribe to the www-ws mailing list, please check the subscription procedure.

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The IRC channel is no longer active.

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