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26 Jun 2007


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BNS, CB, CP, HL, JK, JF, JM, PM, RA, TV, AjithRanabahu


Approval of Minutes

<JacekK> http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/sawsdl/minutes/20070619

Minutes Approved

Action Item Review

Jacek: Eric's item stays open

<JacekK> ACTION: Eric to upgrade the SPDL page for SAWSDL readers and then work things out with the Usage Guide [PENDING] [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/sawsdl/minutes/20070626#action01]

Implementation status

<JacekK> implementation report: http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/sawsdl/CR/

Jacek: one red field in table - propagation support for lifting and lowering
... Got update and I will help with that today.
... will work with Ajith on sawsdl4j support of propagation
... Radiant and Lumina reports - will fill in correct fields
... after today all of our criteria will be fullfilled and we can proceed to PR

Vote to request move to PR

Jacek: Any objections to moving to PR after bugs are fixed?
... I hear none.
... Roll call vote

Tomas: Vote yes (on behalf of DERI Galway)

Holger: yes (on behalf or University of Innsbruck)

Rama: yes (on behalf of IBM)

Carlos: yes (on behalf or Open University)

Carine: yes (on behalf of W3C)

John: yes (on behalf of self)

Ajith: yes, afiliated with Wright State (unofficially on behalf of Wright State)

Peter: yes (on behalf of CA)

Jacek: we have 12 organizations and one Invited Expert; 3 organizations not present and 2 not in good standings
... 8 votes yes results in a positive result

RESOLUTION: as soon as the last bit of implementation report is done, SAWSDL will request transition to Proposed Recommendation

Jacek: will work with Carine to move to PR as soon as possible

Rama: Would like to have review of Usage Guide

Jacek: Peter, can you review?

Peter: Will do by next week.

Jacek: I will also review

Jacek will also ask Anthony to do a review

Further calls

Jacek: We will not have weekly calls now.
... Suggest no weekly meetings, but will have a meeting at end of PR period
... also if there are commens on usage guide or other items, then we will schedule a telecon on a Tuesday.
... will give notice by a Friday if a telecon is needed.
... will have at least one more.

Rama: Will use this time slot?

Jacek: yes

Future of the Working Group

Jacek: We will shut down. Will not be rechartered. New working group can be chartered.

Rama: If items are close can this WG be restarted?

Jacek: Would be new working group, even if it had the same name.

Joel: Will our WG make concrete proposals?

Jacek: Group may recommend as a whole or may decide to let individual be responsible.
... so if you want something, please make a concrete proposal.

John: Will there be advertising for our spec in PR?

Jacek: There will be press release. We will draft parts of this release. We will try to do on the mailing list.
... other publishing by members of WG, like the article by Amit and Kunal, would be welcome
... I will blog about it.
... I will start the press release.

Carine: There will be no press release for PR, it will be for the REC.
... will solicit testimonials from the group.

Jacek: Testimonials are very important and should come from most every member company
... W3C communications team will drive the call for testimonials.
... Thank you. Will now get last implementations. Congratulations to the group.

Rama: Thank you, none of this would have happened without your great leadership

All: very much agree.

Summary of Action Items

[PENDING] ACTION: Eric to upgrade the SPDL page for SAWSDL readers and then work things out with the Usage Guide [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/sawsdl/minutes/20070626#action01]