CVS Access to the WS-Policy Interop Archive and Reporting Interop / Unit Test Results for the CR Dashboard

CVS Access Explanation

This document explains CVS access to the W3C Public CVS Repository for participants in WS Policy interoperability testing.

The CVS base is available read-only, using the CVS pserver authentication:
password: anonymous

To checkout the 2006/ws/policy/interop CVS Module, you have to run the following commands: cvs login 

enter the password anonymous when prompted. Then do: cvs checkout -r <RELEASE-TAG>

A list of the existing release tags can be found at (see the bottom of the page). For more information, please visit the WWW interface to the W3C public CVS tree.

Reporting Interop / Unit Test Results 4 CR Dashboard

There are three simple steps to record and report your interop or unit test results for the CR Dashboard:

  1. Download the result template XML file. Template is available in the interop archive. Choose the round, navigate through and locate your file. For instance, Axway will download the template XML file at round1-Axway.xml for Round 1.
  2. Update the XML file with your interop or unit test results.

    For instance, there are 108 unit test cases in Round 1. Axway will download and update the XML file round1-Axway.xml. <passed>true</passed> element represents a successful outcome. <passed>false</passed> element represents a failure.

    Another example, there are four interop test cases in Round 3 WSDL 11. BEA will download the template XML file round3-WSDL11-BEA.xml and update it. Where,

    - represents a successful outcome for test case T1 against the Microsoft Round 3 WSDL 11 endpoint.
  3. Post the updated XML file to the WS-Policy interop mailing list. A sample post is the  April 0010 mail.

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