Web Services Architecture WG Telcon
27 Mar 2003

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Present: Abbie Barbir, Asaf Arking, Chris Ferris, Colleen Evans, Daniel Austin, David Booth, Doug Bunting, Eric Newcomer, Frank McCabe, Geoff Arnold, Hugo Haas, Igor Sedukhin, Mario Jeckle, Martin Chapman, Mike Champion, Mike Mahan, Roger Cutler, Sandeep Kumar, Sinisa Zimek, Shishir Garg, Tom Carrol, Ugo Corda, Yin-leng Husband

Regrets: Dave Hollander, Dave Orchard, Don Mullen, Heather Kreger, Jeff Mishinsky, Katia Sycara, Mark Jones, Mike Brumbelow, Scott Vorthmann, Suresh Damodaran, Zulah Eckert

Chair: Mike Champion

Scribe: Mario Jeckle


Minutes of 2003-003-27
1. Confirm scribe.
Mario is scribe.

2. Approve last week's minutes: Approved with the change requested by
Paul Cotton.  3. Action Item

Hugo: It is not clear what the relationship isbetween WS-Policy activity and
the Features and Properties work that is happening in the PNF task force.

Action Item: Summary WS-Policy spec to the list (pending) Doug:
Attended OASIS's WS-Reliability TC meeting. Those attending there
seemed not interested in attending our group.

4. Definition of "synchronous" and "asynchronous"
No consensus right now on the definitions discusses up to now.

Chris: Anne's version is to vague. In Chris' proposal there seems to
be a conflation of architecture and implementation.

Discussion: Does "synchronous" imply a direct connection between
sender and receiver?  

Roger: Use of synchronous-asynchronous in the current documents is
consistent with request-response.

Hugo: Web Services are more than just RPC alike request-responses ...

Arkin: request-response is synchronous, due to the chronological coupling.
: RPC is not identical to request-response. 

Decision: Chris and Jeff are collaborating to draft a formulation.

Prasad: Message correlation should also be taken in account. 

Currently, also a precise definition of MEP is missing.

5. WSA Document status and publication Eric: XMLification the current
documents finished. But not converted to XML-Spec format.  Ownership
of different parts should be split in order to enable parallel work.
qDocuments aren't checked into CVS, yet.

Mike: Doc should be published asap.

David: Spec generation from XML-Spec format is working.
Will check in the documents.

6. Allocating our individual and collective effort to pushing the WSA
document forward.  Eric's proposal seems to be some kind of
document-centric, w.t.t. to the approach of describing the "big
picture" as an architecture of documents.

Geoff: Hard to describe semantics without reference to the execution model.

Daniel: It's merely a description of how XML is used in contrast of a
document centric approach.

Mike: How do we break up the document itself?

David: Will take responsibility for the introductory overview first
part of the document.

Frank: Will own concepts and relationships.

Daniel: Will volunteers to work on MEPs and reliability.

Heather: will continue to own the management stuff.

Abbie: Will own security stuff.

Mark and Eric: Will work on Description and Choreography

Mike M.: Will work on security use cases on privacy

7. Process improvement suggestions

Roger: Suggesting a closure mechanism. Possibility to use unanimous votes.

David: Pull the discussion offline to improve our efficiency.

Pull things offline into a task force or sth. like that if they are in
danger of becoming a permathread.

Mike: More use of IRC.

Some people have problems accessing IRC.  Even keeping the travel
situation in mind the WG decided to get more and more people to IRC.

8. Status of WS / Semantic IG?

Interest in discussing the intersection of WS and SW technology areas.
Hugo: Has action to help to organize communication.  IG will be
created in the very near future.

Summary of Action Items

ACTION: Abbie will organize the Security chapter
ACTION: Daniel will consider owning / defining "messaging"
ACTION: Daniel, David B. and the usual suspects will work on defining the relationship between messaging and description/choreog
ACTION: David B will lead effort put the XMLized WSA doc into XMLSpec format
ACTION: David Booth will "own" the WSA document introduction
ACTION: David Booth will organize Discovery chapter
ACTION: DavidB will post the URL of the XMLized/refactored documnt when ready
ACTION: Frank will own "concepts and relationship"
ACTION: Hugo will look into W3C nickserver changes that may make IRC difficult
ACTION: Hugo will report next week on status of WS IG after discussion on WSCG
ACTION: Martin and Eric will noodle on an outline of the Description/Choroegraphy chapter and harvest material from previous drafts
ACTION: Mike Mahan will own/organize a privacy section
ACTION: Team will follow up to see the IRC access is setup in advance by host companies
ACTION: Tom Carroll to update issues list w/M. Baker's comments + resolved issues
ACTION: geoff and chrisf will noodle on their differences vis a vis synch/asynch and propose wording

David Booth
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