WSA Teleconference 27 Feb 2003
27 Feb 2003

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Present: Chris Ferris, Colleen Evans, Duane Nickull, Dave Orchard, Daniel Austin, David Booth, Colleen Evans, Don_Mullen, Eric Newcomer, Gerald Edgar, Heather Kreger, Hugo Haas, Igor Sedukkhin, Katia Sycara, Martin Chapman, Mark Jones, Mike Champion, Paul Denning, Roger Cutler, Shishir Garg, Sinisa Zimek, Zulah Eckert

Regrets: Doug Bunting, Frank McCabe, Hao He, Suresh Damodaran, Tom Carroll,Ugo Corda, Yin-leng Husband,

Chair: Mike Champion

Scribe: Mark Jones


<dbooth> Mark, if you want to use my perl script to help format the minutes afterward, then you may want to review the conventions: http://dev.w3.org/cvsweb/~checkout~/2002/scribe/

<scribemj> mark jones
... task force reports ...
... MTF -- nothing to report
... Joint TF WSA/WSD -- will present update at the WSD March F2F
... hugo completed the action item to set up a task force mailing list
... Dave Booth: the URL http://dev.w3.org/cvsweb/~checkout~/2002/scribe/scribe.perl doesn't seem to be available
... members should review the QA doc
... minute approvals ...

<dbooth> mark, that's odd. The URL works for me. I'll email it to you though.

<scribemj> Feb 20, 13 and 6 minute approval will be put on the f2f agenda

<dbooth> chrisf, http://www.w3.org/2003/02/13-ws-arch-irc is fixed

<scribemj> there is interest in an ebXML session Thursday afternoon
... mike will remove the pftf break-out as it may be premature
... first thing after lunch Thursday will be a presentation on security

<chrisf> just to be clear, there will be a breakout session, not sure if I can arrange a preso yet

<scribemj> or Abbie may lead a security discussion?

<dbooth> Here is information on getting to Boston/logan airport from the Royal Sonesta Hotel:
... [[
... From the Royal Sonesta to the Lechmere MBTA stop:
... http://maps.yahoo.com/py/ddResults.py?Pyt=Tmap&tarname=&tardesc=&osd=&newname=&newdesc=&dsd=&newHash=&newTHash=&newErr=&newTErr=&newFL=Use+Address+Below&newaddr=5+Cambridge+Pkwy&newcsz=Cambridge%2C+MA+02142-1201&newcountry=us&newTFL=Use+Address+Below&newtaddr=cambridge+street+and+monsignor+obrien+highway&newtcsz=cambridge%2C+ma&newtcountry=us&Submit=Get+Directions
... ]]

<scribemj> Chris F will do a WS-I update
... on Friday ...
... discussion of 'a priori'/'prior' term
... Hugo suggests just saying that 'a priori' means 'prior business understanding'
... Dave O thinks we should make the prior knowledge explicit
... ACTION: Daniel will edit out the term 'a priori' in the requirements doc (replace with prior)

<Daniel> Daniel Austin has to leave a few minutes early; my apologies. See you all next week in Boston.

<Roger> [summarizing a posteori] The issue involving the term "a priori" was discussed. Many people felt that the inclusion of this term in the charter and requirements doc was just a mistake and that "prior" was really intended, not the philosophical implications of "a priori" as opposed to "a posteriori". The term occurs in both Charter and Requirements. Mark Baker, the source of the phrase in the Requirements Doc has agreed in email that "prior" is preferable. Daniel Austin accepted an action item to change the RD accordingly. We can't change the Charter, but Hugo accepted an action item to write verbiage explaining our understanding of the term in this context and to draft a response to the issue. Whether this verbiage should be included in the Glossary itself was unclear -- opinions differed but it might be clearer once one has the verbiage in-hand. David Orchard and others raised questions about the nature of prior information that should be considered, and a discussion will presumably ensue on this topic.

<chrisf> we should keep Hugo's email handy for any naysayers

<scribemj> markJ -- '(a)synchronous' is context-sensitive and needs to be qualified
... David Booth volunteers to summarize definitions of synchronous
... ACTION: Dave O will summarize the protocol independence and related issues ...

Summary of Action Items

ACTION: Daniel will edit out the term 'a priori' in the requirements doc (replace with prior)
ACTION: Dave O will summarize the protocol independence and related issues ...
ACTION: Mike and Hugo will read the QA framework to look for WSA implications ...

David Booth
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