Agenda for 20 May 2002 TAG teleconference

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Regrets: Paul, David, Chris?

Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.


Review documents/revisions that should be ready before end of this week:

  1. New arch doc intro
  2. Draft Finding on whenToUseGet-7
  3. Draft SOAP HTTP Get Binding
  4. URIEquivalence-15 Background and History.
  5. Media Type Finding and feedback
  6. Draft Finding on qnameAsId-18

Administrative stuff (15min)

  1. Accept previous minutes
  2. Accept this agenda
  3. Review state of action items
  4. Brief Review TAG F2F, AC and WWW2002 participation (any feedback? our own and external)
  5. Prioritise charmodReview-17, qnameAsId-18 see list.
  6. Accept issue raised by Steve Zilles (as formattingProperties-19); see request from NW.

Technical (70min)

Reminder Issue list priority (hi-lo): whenToUseGet-7, (URIEquivalence-15, rdfmsQnameUriMapping-6), (httpRange-14, HTTPSubstrate-16), namespaceDocument-8, mixedNamespaceMeaning-13, (charmodReview-17, qnameAsId-18 )
  1. Finding Reviews
    1. Media Type Finding and feedback (TAG only, aim to conclude)(~10min)
    2. New Draft Finding on qnameAsId-18 any immediate feedback for Norm? (~5min)
  2. Architecture Document - Status Progress, Moving Forward. (~20min)
  3. Priority Issues
    1. URIEquivalence-15 (~20min)
    2. whenToUseGet-7 (~20min)
    3. rdfmsQnameUriMapping-6 (time permitting)

For discussion at upcoming meetings

  1. Discussion of integration of 5 one-page summaries:
    1. Intro: TB, DC, input from CL
    2. What does a URI identify?: NW and SW
    3. What does a document mean?: NW and PC
    4. One-page REST summary: RF and DO
    5. Notes on "what a message means": CL

Recent action items

Topic Assigned to Assigned at Due date Status as of mtg
Write text about "Web as information space", to be integrated by IJ DO 2002/03/18 Done
Integrate/combine one-page summaries IJ 2002/03/18 Revised
Take question of HTTP Query to W3C/IETF liaison (issue whenToUseGet-7) TBL 2002/02/12 Sent mail; awaiting ack.
Draft comments on RDF+HTML for namespace documents. TBL 2002/04/01 Pending
Take uriMediaType-9 finding to IETF and IANA. TBL 2002/04/08
Prioritize comments on Guidelines for the use of XML in IETF protocols CL 2002/04/22 2002/04/29 Done in prev meeting
Write more on whenToUseGet DC 2002/04/22 2002/04/29 Done (see finding).
Negotiate more of IJ time for arch doc TBL 2002/05/05 Pending
Add concern regarding non-western characters to the POST scenario (issue whenToUseGet-7)

CL 2002/05/05
Write up limitations in draft finding for whenToUseGet-7 about limitations in SOAP DC 2002/05/05
Polish up DO's .1-level draft and find out what's going on with XForms TB, DC, CL 2002/05/05
Add pointer to PROPfind in section on limitations/problems in whenToUseGet-7 finding DC 2002/05/05
Publish whenToUseGet-7 finding DC 2002/05/05 Done
Point out in whenToUseGet-7 that WSDL and SOAP primer should take this into account. DC 2002/05/05
Send a message to the XML Protocol WG comments list to point to resolution regarding GET and SOAP 1.2 DC 2002/05/05
Start discussion on www-tag about nature of namespace documents @@exact topic of action unclear@@. TB 2002/05/05
Edit minutes of 5 May teleconf, make public DC 2002/05/05 Done

Ian Jacobs, for TimBL
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