Technical Architecture Group Teleconference

13 Mar 2014


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Peter, Dan, Jeni, Sergey, Domenic, Dave, Yves
Yehuda, Alex


<trackbot> Date: 13 March 2014

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<trackbot> Meeting: Technical Architecture Group Teleconference

<trackbot> Date: 13 March 2014

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Extensible Web Summit

Domenic_: what should we prepare?

dka: we should have some short curated talks at the beginning of the day
... this is just to introduce topics
... we could outline in a shared document some ideas about what those talks should be
... and we can discuss at the F2F, which is 3 days beforehand
... I just sent out an email to invitees who haven't registered
... I'll open more general registration tomorrow
... which we should advertise
... to already-knowledgable developers

Domenic__: we should start that shared document for planning, eg topics, format

dka: there's an etherpad
... also, I had a ping from Evan Gill from Adobe asking about catering, budget, numbers etc

<twirl> https://ewe.etherpad.mozilla.org/1

dka: if we don't have money, attendees can purchase food from the Adobe cafe

Domenic__: we can encourage going out for lunch

plinss: could we send out a reminder to tag member list please

F2F Agenda

plinss: we have the wiki page for the agenda topics

Domenic__: we might want to discuss module (?) integration


dka: nothing from me

JeniT: nothing from me

twirl: question from me: what should we do with EME draft?

<dka> We may want to schedule a special call or chat or something about summit organization ...

twirl: I think it needs some population & fixing up

<Yves> eme draft... => f2f topic

+1 f2f topic

Domenic__: did we capture all the feedback?

JeniT: I think an informed discussion at the f2f needs to include a structure + a summary of the discussion

Domenic__: and should we do anything between now and f2f?

plinss: twirl, please can you organise the feedback?

Domenic__: I revised quota management review
... I think we should send that over shortly
... that was a good review in many ways, it clarified some things about what's important
... and illustrated some general patterns that we should pull together
... I saw twirl did web animations spec review too
... which looks great from my scan, but I'll look at further
... the promises guide is wrapping up
... I got information about WebIDL & promises
... the last piece was about authors needing specific information
... the promises guide should be ready for review at f2f and then publication

plinss: you want to send the quota management review?

Domenic__: yes, unless there are objections

plinss: any objections?

twirl: I'm very happy

dka: any more feedback should be in by Monday

plinss: Domenic__, please prompt people on the list

Domenic__: will do

<Domenic__> https://github.com/w3ctag/api-design-guide/blob/master/API%20Design%20Guide.md

Domenic__: design guide is very high level
... lot of good possibilities there
... what I did with quota mgmt was more specific
... "here's what's wrong, here's why, here's how you'd do it in JS"
... useful as feedback but not necessarily something you'd read

dherman: you're saying you're not sure whether to capture at that level of detail?

<twirl> http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2013/10/01-minutes.html#item02

Domenic__: I don't think we should expect people to read it

twirl: we discussed guide at last Cambridge f2f meeting
... including what the guide should be
... we decided we needed more completed reviews to make the guide
... I had an action to start doing this guide, but I'm waiting for more reviews to make it

plinss: it's worth capturing, could be an appendix

Yves: no updates

dherman: I started drafting an explainer for module integration
... and some requirements documents
... got a lot more attention than I expected
... but it's going pretty well, though there are some people that aren't happy
... I'm trying to capture as much design/rationale/requirements as I can
... that will feed discussion at f2f
... that's just in my github repo

<dherman> https://github.com/dherman/web-modules/

dherman: we're working on new browser engine called Servo
... redesigned from scratch
... building better abstractions in the architecture
... using extensible web philosophy & web components, layering implementation
... I was pitching looking at web components sooner rather than later
... and got interest
... we're looking at core primitives for CSS

<Domenic__> +1 for more external contribs with web components

dherman: the Servo team will be valuable in the extensible web discussions
... and I'll try to bring them along to the summit
... specifically to discuss CSS

<dka> +1

dherman: Servo is an interesting project that I'd like people to be aware of

<Domenic__> I could easily see hacking on <input type="date"> on a weekend

dherman: trying very different approaches from other browser engines
... useful as a way of testing ideas for new features in the platform
... to ensure they're implementable in very different engines

Domenic__: it would be great to have that discussion at the summit

dherman: they already do loads of abstraction from CSS in Servo
... lots of interesting stuff to talk about

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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