Technical Architecture Group Teleconference

06 Feb 2014

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Daniel Appelquist, Peter Linss, Yehuda Katz, Jeni Tennison, Alex Russell, Sergey Konstantinov, Donenic Denicola, David Herman, Tim Berners-Lee
Yves Lafon
Peter Linss

<trackbot> Date: 06 February 2014

plinss: first on agenda: upcoming f2f

dherman: we should be able to host it but I need to get that finalized

<slightlyoff_> on my way

dherman: should be moz SF but I'll still have to get that confirmed

plinss: have alternate space in PA in case

<slightlyoff> that's me

dka: prefer to do it in SF since the extensible web summit will be in the city

<slightlyoff> JeniT: glad you know how these newfangled things work = )

dka: we have space for summit meeting, but need to invite the people we said we would
... I put a link to etherpad where we'd been collaborating on invitees to invite selected people before opening up to general registration
... haven't sent invites yet, partially b/c I need email addresses
... would prefer more of the group look at that list
... wrote some proposed invitation text in etherpad
... I'm happy to send all the invites
... we need to keep total # of attendees to 100

wycats_: would like to keep attendees to people personally invested in it
... these types of conversations can meander; I want this event to help us make progress on bigger mission
... if we have to waste time on education it will be less productive

slightlyoff: would be good to have a couple education sessions

wycats_: not saying we shouldn't
... most invested people could use some alignment

plinss: next up -- dates for next f2f after that

dka: dherman has a constraint, I contacted amy to ask about tim's schedule
... timbl has subsequent week free

wycats_: I'd have to know now

dka: that's the goal now

wycats_: there's a tc39 meeting on 29th

dherman: so that's not conflicting, just back to back

dka: it is conflicting with IETF but we don't have any real overlap

wycats_: I don't think we should worry about IETF
... I can't actually say yes to this now but I could in an hour or so

plinss: any other conflicts?

slightlyoff: so we're saying 22nd?

dka: I'm asking JeniT if 21 - 23 would be better

dherman: what's the location for july?

dka: MIT
... let's tenatively say 21st - 23rd

dherman: I'll find a way to make it work

<dka> resolved: we're changing the dates for the july f2f to the 21-23, pending feedback from Yehuda.

slightlyoff: did we go around room with status?

<timbl> Looks ok

slightlyoff: happy to see JeniT's work progressing, still have some concerns
... but happy to see it progressing

Domenic__: continuing work on promises
... updating based on feedback
... looked at quota management api
... uses promises
... would like to provide a formal review
... maybe some bugs on spec?

slightlyoff: I'd like to talk to the maintainer
... I have real concerns about overall structure about how quotas are being perceived
... would like to help evolve to a more coherent model

Domenic__: sounds good; my feedback was minor, low-level
... I think there's some urgency given recent furor on shadow dom for us to do a review
... I might try to tackle
... don't have much familiarity with spec
... it's gonna be ambitious but I'll see if I can make time

dherman: I suspect a number of us are gonna wanna get involved with shadow dom

wycats_: agree
... we've had an open item to get more involved

<twirl> +1

wycats_: we need to move soon or forever hold our peace

Domenic__: looks like chrome's getting ready to ship soon

wycats_: chrome is saying -- hope I can trust -- that they're shipping a thing they can iterate on
... hopefully still space to make changes

<Domenic__> quota management initial feedback https://gist.github.com/domenic/3146c10fd5ca5acae40a

slightlyoff: this is a team that I led for a couple years
... I'm not tech lead but I can vouch that they're engaged for long haul

dherman: it's good that intentions are good, but clock is still ticking before sites depend on things

dka: anyone else committing time?

Domenic__: I will be

wycats_: I'm a quasi-implementor and have been diving in for a while

<twirl> I'll try

wycats_: I'll work with them
... I don't want to throwing stop energy
... but I also have some concerns

<slightlyoff> my apologies, I do need to go = \

<slightlyoff> will read the minutes

wycats_: alex, Domenic__, dherman and I had a call last week
... talked about packaging
... some productive conversation on list about JeniT's proposal
... I have a strong hypothesis that won't be resolved till we have a f2f
... but conversation has been productive
... I've been involved in continuing module discussion
... very soon needs to be a thing we spend some time thinking about integrating
... ES6 nearing finish line
... we should start thinking how future features integrate with ES6

Domenic__: that's exciting if we can start not using global

wycats_: it affects web components and other stuff

Domenic__: excited about Object.observe too (not ES6 but still)

wycats_: yep

Domenic__: on TAG list marcos has been trying to get feedback on whether we should be duplicating HTML features
... in the manifest spec
... their direction has been putting them in JSON file
... but potentially duplicating info that's in the HTML

wycats_: good question
... my gut feeling is that those similarities might be superficial

Domenic__: we should fulfill our responsibilities and reply to marcos's request for info

wycats_: there are serious issues with using in-HTML features for manifests
... there are some bootstrapping problems
... I'm open to a solution, but doing it in HTML is a can of worms
... my gut feeling is, let's just not worry about it

sergey: spent some time on DRM issue
... found some issues that I think are important
... I sent that to mailing list

JeniT: capability URLs good practice document, sent around today
... ready to go to working draft if everyone's happy with that
... good to get it out and ask for comments

<dka> +1

<dka> let's do it!

<twirl_> +1

<Domenic__> +1

resolution: publish the working draft

<timbl> oops

JeniT: discussion on packaging proposal on list
... sent a request for some evidence on packaging issues
... next intend to concentrate on DRM

plinss: </meeting>

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