Technical Architecture Group Teleconference

23 Jan 2014


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Daniel Appelquist, Peter Linss, Yehuda Katz, Jeni Tennison, Alex Russell, Sergey Konstantinov, Donenic Denicola, David Herman
Yves Lafon
Daniel Appelquist


<trackbot> Date: 23 January 2014

welp i've exhausted my Zakim knowledge

<dka> https://www.w3.org/wiki/TAG/Planning/2014-01-23-TC

<wycats_> there we go

<dka> Scribe: Domenic

<dka> ScribeNick: Domenic__

YK: if we change any of our planned dates let's make sure to communicate that more clearly

DKA: October Moscow is less certain. What we said at the last F2F was that we would punt on the decision on the October meeting until we have our new members confirmed
... We might want to take that discussion to the mailing list or private list to ensure we involve everyone.
... last F2F a few people said they wouldn't be able to make it to Moscow, so we didn't decide yet

<slightlyoff_> hey everyone, sorry I can't make the call today

DKA: next two F2Fs are set in stone (April, plus July in Boston)
... my update on the Extensible Web Summit (4th of April)
... hoping for about a hundred developers, in the Bay Area; outreach; barcamp style. We still don't have confirmation on a host for that. I have a line out to Facebook, Microsoft, and Adobe.

DKA/PL: we still don't have a host for the 3rd of April meeting in San Francisco

(correction, 1st through 3rd of April)

DD: Chris Williams of JSConf has some resources for conference organizers and making a successful event. I can look into contacting him about that.

DKA/DH: negotiations about using Mozilla for April TAG F2F

JT: I haven't had time to work on capabilities URLs recently, as I've been working on packaging and DRM stuff

DKA: I gave a presentation on capability URLs which was well received; it's an area of interest to the community

<dka> My slides on capability URLs: http://www.slideshare.net/dappelquist/capability-ur-ls-for-london-web-standards

JT: there have been some comments on the packaging work, but I'd invite more from the rest of the TAG.

<JeniT> see https://github.com/w3ctag/packaging-on-the-web

<dka> Alex - any updates on Crypto API or Push API review stuff?

YK: Dave, Domenic, Alex, and myself will be picking up some slack on spec reviews---crypto and push API in particular

DD: was sick, couldn't incorporate feedback into promises guidelines document. But this weekend, it'll happen!

<slightlyoff> the push stuff is really loaded...have been chatting with GCM (the google push server) folks and still owe brian time...he and I haven't had time to sync

<slightlyoff> I think we can get a simple northbound protocol spec'd and implemented

<slightlyoff> without a ton of risk

YK: reemphasizing importance of API reviews, so we'll be working hard on that

<slightlyoff> but we need to extend a "naked post" to include some sort of a sender ID

<slightlyoff> on the API front, I owe a draft

<slightlyoff> but I've been busy all day every day this week

<slightlyoff> so perhaps friday

PL: it would be good to talk about the EME/DRM situation. At the F2F we talked about inviting them to our call.

JT: I've been working on an initial direction piece based on our discussion. However I'm reluctant to share it too widely since it's a highly controversial topic and I'm not 100% confident in my assessment of the subject area.

DKA: we should keep technical discussion on the public list though, even if it's politicized

JT: I'll share it with Peter and Sergey so that we can iterate to a point we're happy with

<dka> adjourned

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