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Agenda of 12th February 2007 TAG teleconference

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  1. Administrative

    Chair: Dan, Scribe: Noah

    Roll call -- Regrets: TimBL, Stuart, Henry?

    Approve minutes of previous meeting

    Accept this agenda?

    Propose next Telcon 19 Feb -- appoint scribe: propose Norm.

  2. Issue RDFinXHTML-35

    Recent heads-up email message from GRDDL-WG chair indicates "GRDDL Going to Last Call" and (informally?) requests TAG review of:

    Beware these are links to Editors Drafts - not LC documents

    Status Updates (Dan?)

    Volunteers to LC review for TAG (in due course). (Stuart?, one other?)

  3. Issue utf7Encoding-55

    Most recent Action was to VQ to list and describe the issue - showing as completed.

  4. Issue IRIEverywhere-27 and xmlChunk-44

    With XQuery now a recommendation, does this shed new light on these two issues?

    DanC has an current action to consult TimBL wrt to IRIEverywhere-27, any news?

    xmlChunk-44 also entails XML equivalence (see earlier writings by Norm). Does the XQuery/XPath Functions and Operators Recommendation help resolve this issue?

  5. Any other issue?

Stuart Williams for TAG
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