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Agenda of 8 Aug 2006 TAG teleconference

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  1. Administrative

    Chair: Dan, Scribe: TV? Ed? Noah?

    Roll call -- Regrets: NDW, TBL, VQ

    next teleconference: volunteer to chair 15 August? (note regrets from TBL, VQ); scribe?

    Approve minutes 18 July

    Note some actions done: VQ sent quarterly summary; Noah sent reply to AB on Use of Unregistered Media Types in W3C Recommendations

    Accept this agenda?

  2. issue genericResources-53: On Linking Alternative Representations To Enable Discovery And Publishing updated 1 Aug

    Connection to Mobile/DI work? Recall the DDR workshop report is out, and VQ's action to invite a DDR person.

  3. issue URNsAndRegistries-50

    Debrief from Dan on HCLSIG telcon, perhaps INSEE/geo stuff

  4. issue XMLVersioning-41

    We have a 26 Jul version of Extending and Versioning XML Languages Part 1 of 26 Jul. NDW, HT were to take a look.

    Refer to partial review of 28 Jul.

    What about part 2?

  5. medata in URI

    update by Noah

  6. Any other issue?

Dan Connolly for TAG
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