Submission of Semantic Web Case Studies or Use Cases

It would be wonderful if you could contribute either a use case or a case study to SWEO. Use cases are documents that describe systems that have been implemented as prototypes, but are not used by a business function yet. While case studies describe systems that are used in a production environment. 

These documents are targeted at senior IT managers, who do not have a lot of knowledge relating to the Semantic Web, so we are looking for a high level description of your work. Ideally, documents should not be more than, say, three sides of US letter or A4 sized paper. Reference and acknowledgment sections are not necessary as these are business documents, rather than academic papers. The documents are converted (if provided, e.g., in Word) to XHTML and PDF using a common format by W3C and published on the W3C site. (You are of course welcome to provide the description in XHTML directly.) 

The document is published under the submitters’ copyright and under W3C’s. It is also possible for a document to be submitted by several parties (e.g., a technology provider and their customer), in which case it is at the discretion of the submitters whether the document should be placed under a joint copyright or not. 

We are using the following template for both use cases and case studies. 

  1. Title that describes the business challenge. 
  2. The names of the author(s) of the document. 
  3. Your company logo. In cases where the document is jointly copyrighted, the logo of each of the parties should be provided. 
  4. A general introduction to the business challenge. 
  5. A description of your solution. 
  6. One or two screen snapshots of your tool. (These snapshots are also used within a slide set that highlights the use cases and case studies.)  
  7. Conclusions, which included a bulleted list of the main benefits of the Semantic Web for your organization.  
  8. It would be ideal if you could provide a quote from your senior management as to how the Semantic Web solution provides additional value. 
  9. To provide a better set of information on the various applications, it would be good to give us more detailed information on which Semantic Web technologies you use (eg, RDF, RDFS, SKOS, OWL, especially one of the OWL dialects like OWL-RL, OWL-DL, etc, RIF, POWDER, RDFa, etc. If you have data about it, an approximative size of the datasets would also be good to have.

Examples of existing documents can be seen at the current list of Use Cases and Case Studies

Please submit documents by sending a mail to:

Ivan Herman <>, W3C Semantic Web Activity Lead

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