Disposition of Comments

@@@ status - this document is being edited by Jeremy Carroll, and has not been approved by the WG.

This table summarizes the disposition of comments on the GRDDL Test Cases Last Call, of 2 May 2007. and the GRDDL, Candidate Recommendation, of 2 May 2007.

Comment Commentator WG Responses Closure Summary of Changes
2007AprJun/0102 Beckett 2007AprJun/0103 , 2007AprJun/0104 awaiting closure regenerated manifest, bugfix submitted for RDFLib
2007AprJun/0100 Booth wrong list posted in error
2007AprJun/0078 Booth open issue-dbooth-3: Ambiguity
2007AprJun/0074 Booth 2007AprJun/0098 satisfactorily addresses issue-dbooth-9c New informative text in new appendix (TODO)
2007AprJun/0072 Booth 2007AprJun/0075 I am satisfied warning text in primer (TODO)
2007AprJun/0069 Booth 2007AprJun/0096 2007AprJun/0108 closed to my satisfaction New informative text, concerning this use case, in new appendix (TODO)
discussion thread on RDFa Fonseca
2007AprJun/0091 None required. Not a formal comment.
2007AprJun/0054 Fonseca 2007AprJun/0056 I'm fine with your response No changes.
2007AprJun/0053 King 2007AprJun/0055 awaiting response No changes.
2007AprJun/0052 Booth response from editor unused variable removed
2007AprJun/0051 Beckett 2007AprJun/0093 Thanks for the clarifications. No changes to specs. Bugs in non-WG GRDDL transforms, reported to their authors.
2007AprJun/0030 XML Query WG and XSL WG 2007AprJun/0041, 2007AprJun/0092 awaiting response New test added.
2007AprJun/0028 Booth 2007AprJun/0029 (answered to my satisfaction) Editorial

The new appendix was motivated not only by comments from Booth, but also from WG discussion.

This table summarizes the disposition of last call comments on the GRDDL Specification, of 2nd March, 2007.

Comment Commentator WG Responses Closure Summary of Changes
2007AprJun/0015 SW Deployment WG 2007AprJun/0021 go ahead and publish No change.
2007AprJun/0016 (namespace doc) Berrueta 2007AprJun/0022 awaiting response Two editorial changes.
2007AprJun/0003 (namespace doc) Beckett 2007AprJun/0004 2007AprJun/0019 Yes it does address my concerns Comment against the GRDDL namespace document, not the specification. Editorial changes to the namespace document will be made during the CR phase.
2007AprJun/0003 (whitespace) Beckett 2007AprJun/0006 Great Clarifying text
2007AprJun/0003 (other) Beckett 2007AprJun/0023 all the significant concerns are addressed Misc. editorial.
2007JanMar/0079 Carroll 2007AprJun/0007 2007AprJun/0005 addressed Misc. editorial.
2007JanMar/0068 which langs? Mazzocchi 2007AprJun/0000 2007AprJun/0014 I remove my dissatisfaction clarification in primer
2007JanMar/0068 output formats? Mazzocchi 2007AprJun/0000 solves my previous issues entirely added tests illustrating use of <xsl:output>
2007JanMar/0071 Harold 2007JanMar/0078 2007JanMar/0081 none added clarifying test
2007JanMar/0075 Hammond 2007JanMar/0076 2007AprJun/0002 none No spec change; added RDF syntax/graph diagram to primer
2007JanMar/0080 no comment XML Schema WG none thank you none

Other changes have been made during last call, laregly to clarify the impact of some of the more obscure parts of the normative dependency chain, in response to Working Group discussion. Almost all of these were areas in which the early implementations did not implement the other specifications correctly, this largely motivates the decision to have a call for implementations, as opposed to transitioning straight to Proposed Recommendation. Specific messages, raising such issues, on the WG list include: