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This is a W3C Last Call Working Draft of the RDF Core Working Group and has been produced as part of the W3C Semantic Web Activity (Activity Statement).

@@ highlighted changes the editors might want to summarize per document here @@. Detailed changes from the previous 05 September 2003 working draft are described in the Changes section.

This document is in the Last Call review period, which ends on 07 November 2003. This Last Call publication consolidates changes and editorial improvements undertaken in response to feedback received during the previous Last Call publication of the RDFCore specifications which began on 23 January 2003. A list of the Last Call issues addressed by the Working Group is also available. This document has been endorsed by the RDF Core Working Group.

This document is being released for review by W3C Members and other interested parties to encourage feedback and comments, especially with regard to how the changes made affect existing implementations and content.

In conformance with W3C policy requirements, known patent and IPR constraints associated with this Working Draft are detailed on the RDF Core Working Group Patent Disclosure page.

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