SWAD-Europe Deliverable std 3.17: Dissemination and Exploitation: Web Showcase

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W3C Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe)
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Workpackage description: 3: Dissemination and Exploitation
Workpackage description:
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Dissemination and Exploitation: Web Showcase
Libby Miller, Dave Reynolds, Dan Brickley, Charles McCathieNevile, Brian Matthews, Dave Beckett, Steve Cayzer, Michael Wilson
The Contractors undertake to supply at the latest by the date of submission of the final report a web enabled (or CD/DVD based) Showcase, and to grant the Commission the right to use said Showcase for its own dissemination and awareness activities, including web based and electronic publications, after the completion of the project. The Showcase will feature a meaningful subset (software, data, etc.) of the functionality characterising the project demonstrator(s) arrived at, along with relevant copyright notices and contact information, and suitable installation aids and run-time interfaces.
Complete. Comments should be sent to Libby Miller

Web Showcase Deliverable

The web showcase is the archived website of the project, and consists of an introduction to the project, sections on demonstrators, themes from the project, guidelines for particular users of the site, and links to all the reports generated by the project.

The website includes the following recommendations from SWAD-Europe's final review:

The website is available at http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/.