SWAD-Europe Deliverable std 3.8: Dissemination and Exploitation: Standard Presentation

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W3C Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe)
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Workpackage description: 3: Dissemination and Exploitation
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Dissemination and Exploitation: Project Presentation
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Dan Brickley (W3C)
(from workplan) To provide at the latest by the first peer review, a comprehensive MS-PowerPoint or HTML Presentation detailing all the key features of the project. A final, augmented version of this Presentation will be transmitted to the Commission together with the project's final report, and will where appropriate contain additional multimedia assets (e.g. video clips). Said Presentation will be used by the Commission for its own dissemination and awareness activities, during and after the completion of the project, and will where appropriate be published on EC and EC sponsored websites, and other electronic publications. (1 months, presentation, Pub.)
A general presentation on SWAD-Europe is now available from the SWAD-Europe Web site.

Project Website

A short, general presentation on the SWAD-Europe project is available online. This was as presented at WWW2003, Budapest Hungary (May 2003) and is available online in HTML format: http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/talks/20030521-w3buda/

The SWAD-Europe project is distinguished by the variety of audiences for which materials need to be prepared. This standard presentation targeted an audience who were familiar with the general context of W3C and standards, and presents a broad overview of the project. Other presentations on the project are available from the SWAD-Europe site; material from these and subsequent presentations may be incorporated into the standard presentation during the life of the project.