Device Independence Principles - Working Draft Issues

This is the list of issues that were raised in response to the first Working Draft of Device Independence Principles.

Each issue has been given a number for ease of reference. For each issue, the following table lists: the sections in the Working Draft that are affected, a link to the place the issue was raised, a brief description of the issue, and any related comments, and how the issue was resolved.

Issues raised

The version of the Device Independence Principles document to which these issues refer is:

Issue # Sections affected Raised by Where When Issue See also Resolution
DIP001 2.x Mikael Lundahl www-di 2001-09-25 Should the Principles address offline-capable devices and solutions? Additional scenario from Mikael Lundahl This is out of scope of our current work.
DIP002 1.2 Alan Hartley-Smith
www-di 2001-09-25 Add 'anything' to the vision statement, to include non-human users   DI focuses on the human user experience. Providing non-human access to applications is within the scope of the Web Services Activity (
DIP003 unspecific Al Gilman (WAI-PF) www-archive 2001-11-26 WAI-PF general comments on DI   Links have been added to Section 1.2 and the References pointing to WAI Guidelines. A paragraph has been added to Section 2.3.2 to emphasise that a user should be able to access any content alternative.
DIP004 2.x T. Yamakami (ACCESS) www-di (Use cases 1, 4) 2002-07-29 End users need to be protected from content providers who 'push' inappropriate content Reply from William Loughborough It is now made clearer in Section 2.3.2 that the user must have control over what content alternative they receive.
DIP005 2.x T. Yamakami (ACCESS) www-di (Use cases 2, 3, 5, 6) 2002-07-29 DIP-2 to DIP-7 are too web identifier-centric for the reality of the wireless internet   Even if the URI is not exposed to the user, it is still the main way to identify a web resource, for example when storing a bookmark. Wireless service providers may choose not to provide full web access. However, the concept of a URI is central to the Web Architecture ( Discussion on the relationship between a URI and the delivered content is continuing in the W3C Technical Architecture Group (

Roger Gimson - 14 August 2003