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13th August 2003 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Stephen Farrell

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  1. Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin
  2. Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
  3. Shivaram Mysore, Sun Microsystems
  4. Jose Kahan, W3C
  5. Phill Hallam-Baker, VeriSign
  6. Yassir Elley, Sun Microsystems
  7. Ian Jacobs (w3c)
  8. Blair Dillaway, Microsoft
  9. Pete Wenzel, See Beyond



  1. Status update - chairs
  2. Proceeding to CR
  3. Implementation plans
  4. Next Steps

Meeting notes

Status: Ultimate document version will be done when Blair gives Phill back new examples and he (Phill) incorporates those into the document. Should be next week or the one after.

Ian's process hints (thanks Ian!):

Interop scheme - go for event or over the net? At present we're not looking for a face to face interop event, but will review if many implementations turn up. That kind of puts an onus on server implementers to make their server available (either over the net or in source/installable form).

Previous Call's Action Items

  1. Respond to issue 301 submitter: Shivaram - Done by Phill
  2. Respond to issue 303 submitter and check for embedded issues: Stephen - Done
  3. Respond to issue 305 submitter: Phill - Done
  4. Respond to issue 306 submitter: Phill - Done
  5. Respond to issue 307 submitter: Phill - Done
  6. Respond to issue 308 submitter: Phill - Done
  7. Respond to issue 309 submitter: Phill - Done
  8. Respond to issue 310 submitter: Phill - Done
  9. Send call for participation in interop trials etc to WG list: Shivaram - Heads up sent.
  10. Send editorial comments - Jose
  11. Send text re UseKeyWith URI extensions (foo/bar/issue 302) - Phill
  12. Chopra - 311 - Phill to check very clearly on list (and on the phone), change to be made unless someone with code objects- DONE
  13. Issues list update with links to mails responding to submitters - Phill - Done
  14. New, latest, greatest and possibly even last version of the spec- Phill
  15. Setup a call for next week, same time, same place - Stephen - DONE

New Actions

  1. Blair to generate new examples from Phill's code - Blair
  2. New, latest, greatest and definitely last before CR, version of the spec- Phill
  3. Send links to potential interop matrix templates; message digest/soap/web ontology - Jose to send from IRC log - DONE ALREADY
  4. Create features matrix draft - Shivaram
  5. Try to populate matrix with examples - Blair
  6. "Features-at-risk" list - send draft to list for discussion - Stephen
  7. Draft of the CR->PR impmentation requirements - Shivaram and Phill
  8. Put together request for CR within two weeks of getting the next spec version - Shivaram and Stephen
  9. Check with Baltimore re interop - Stephen
  10. Check same with Entrust - Frederick
  11. Check same with VeriSign engineering - Phill
  12. Arrange a call for two weeks time (regrets - Jose) - Shivaram

Try to close all the above before the next call.

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