IPR Disclosure


As described in Contributor Policies, the W3C holds the copyright of all Working Group deliverables (e.g., specifications).


Members of the XML Encryption Working Group and any other Working Group constituted within the XML Encryption Activity are expected to disclose any intellectual property they have in this area. Any intellectual property essential to implement specifications produced by this Activity must be at least available for licensing on a royalty-free basis. At the suggestion of the Working Group, and at the discretion of the Director of W3C, technologies may be accepted if they are licensed on reasonable, non-discriminatory terms.

Members disclose patent and other IPR claims by sending email to the publicly archived WG list and the archived patent issues list (that is readable by W3C Members and the W3C team): patent-issues@w3.org. Members must disclose all IPR claims to this mailing list but they may also copy other recipients.