W3C  SYMM Synchronized Multimedia

Changes to the SMIL 2.0 Specification Since Last Call

Collected changes through May 22, 2001:

  1. Incorporated changes resulting from the resolution of Last Call issues, documented on the Last Call Issue Resolution page.
  2. Fixed lots of typos, misspellings, doubled words.
  3. Added clarification about "src"-less media elements.
  4. Corrected oversight, missing "readindex" from language profile.
  5. Separated SMIL 2.0 overall namespace from SMIL 2.0 language profile namespace.
  6. Included viewport open/close events in language profile.
  7. Placed AccessKeyTiming into its own module, this was an oversight, it was not declared in any module.
  8. Separated repeat functionality into its own module.
  9. Separated basic media functionality into three modules to improve resusability.
  10. Plugged hole in background color = inherit semantics. Integrating profile must define or not allowed.
  11. Separated out ExclTimeContainers into a module distinct from BasicTimeContainers.
  12. Disallowed the nesting of priorityClass elements. The semantics were previously ill-defined.
  13. Clarified endsync=id language.
  14. Clarified semantics of repeatDur with 0 dur elements.
  15. Fixed oversight of missing width, height, z-index attributes for subregions and their animation. These are for authoring consistency and add no new semantics.
  16. Clarified handling of invalid begin/end conditions.
  17. Clarified handling of semantics of elements ignored via switch or test attributes.
  18. Allow animation of regionName attribute in language profile.
  19. Clarified wording of conformance conditions in modules draft.
  20. Clarified and relaxed module dependencies in modules draft.
  21. Clarified layout module rules in terms of CSS2 and newly added "placeholder" elements agreed to with CSS and XSL WG.
  22. Shortened namespace URI base.
  23. Added rule that transition extensions must be namespace qualified, just like event extensions already are.
  24. Clarified that transOut includes the fill period.
  25. Clarified application of fillDefault="transition" may be applied to an element without associate media is treated as auto.
  26. Added clarifying language on the use of the endsync attribute with media elements as time containers and that the elements associated media takes part in first, last, all computations.
  27. Corrected oversight by added offset time to accesskey value, just like other timing values.
  28. Moved customAttributes element from end to beginning of head content model.
  29. Specifically defined subregions as child regions of the parent region.
  30. Added SMIL 1.0 syncbase text to timing draft. This was an oversight.
  31. Fixed examples of coordinated transitions to align with specification.
  32. Clarified linking semantics for show=replace when linking into the same document.
  33. Chose more accurate attribute value names for the open and close attributes on viewport.
  34. Changed viewport element name to topLayout to honor UI-Tech Task force request.
  35. Revised the semantics of the override attribute on the customTest element to align with WAI recommendations. Changed to visible/hidden to give user the last word.
  36. Fixed namespace prefix language on attributeName to correct processing context to animation element.
  37. Revised description of sourceLevel and destinationLevel attributes to be more consistent with soundLevel attribute.
  38. Added mention of "XHTML Modularization" to SMIL Modules draft to align language with HTML as suggested by Steven Pemberton.
  39. Clarified language of region activation. Activating a region actives parent region and this recurses up the layout hierarchy.
  40. Clarified meaning of percentage increases in audio levels to be changes in signal level dB.
  41. Made the case of accesskey consistent throughout the drafts to use all lower case.
  42. Added "should" to language on user agent reverting to previous volume when linked-to presentation with volume setting ends.
  43. Removed SyncbaseTiming module from the required set for HostLanguage/Integration Set conformance according to request from 3GPP and other people interested in SMIL Basic.
  44. Clarified default semantics by adding language that puts this in terms of default region the same size as the root-layout window.
  45. Fixed obvious error in timing element content model that lacked the timing elements themselves.
  46. Updated incorrect syntax in examples in animation drafts.
  47. Clarified language for fill on linking elements, refined definition of default behavior, and permit integration language to further define semantics. Strongly recommend alignment to SMIL 1.0/SMIL 2.0 semantics here.
  48. Clarify that in SMIL 2.0 language, animateMotion animates the top-left of a region or subregion.
  49. Based on implementation and author feedback, revised language on event firing when seeking over elements to prune these redundant events.
  50. Removed 'prev' from timing model after consulting with SVG and authors because it was just syntactic sugar and did not add any functionality.
  51. Clarified meaning of wallclock times with time and no date, date and no time.
  52. Added reference to HTML4 for shape attribute to correct oversight. Reference was already present with coords.
  53. Corrected undefined activation semantics for transparent media objects by adding sensitivity attribute.
  54. Clarified use and meaning of inherit value with on brush color attribute.
  55. Removed incongruous sentence in the SMIL 2.0 language profile referring to timing.
  56. Made explicit that in the SMIL 2.0 language profile, GUI events are delivered to media element only.
  57. Added clarification to media draft on meaning of "external=false" when user agent cannot render the media.
  58. Fix example for indefinite duration media and repeatDur, add explicit dur="indefinite".
  59. Fixed missing fillDefault attribute on animation elements to align with all the other timing elements.
  60. Corrected description of example use of readindex to align with the stated semantics.
  61. Clarified rules for the type attribute to work correctly with multiple protocols such as HTTP and RTSP.
  62. Fixed mistake in normative math defining effect of cumulative animation.
  63. Revised error handling rule for incompatible acceleration + deceleration  time manipulation based on implementation consistency feedback.
  64. Added MediaMarkerTiming module to the language profile based on good results with implementation and interoperability testing.
  65. Removed the CoordinatedTransitions module from the specification based on feedback from implementation and interoperability testing.
  66. Moved an example up one bulleted point in the SMIL language profile.
  67. Removed the reference to the alt attribute in the SMIL language profile discussing the handling of XML Base.
  68. Clarified language for test failure behavior for systemOperatingSystem, systemCPU test attributes in SMIL 2.0 language profile.
  69. Removed "2.0" version number from forward-looking statement on user agent conformance requirements and UAAG after consulting with WAI.
  70. After consulting with HTML-WG, made integrating profile responsible for defining use of type and valuetype attributes on param element.
  71. Corrected mistake in math formula for acceleration/decelleration.
  72. Clarified language for interval logic and pruning in timing section.
  73. Fixed example of systemScreenSize in content control draft, dimensions in wrong order.
  74. Fixed incorrect SVG path syntax in example in animation section.
  75. Fixed oversight, missing switch in Host Language conformance head element content model.
  76. Fixed oversight, missing alt in LINKING-ATTRS collection in modules draft.
  77. Fixed oversight, missing layout in Host Language conformance switch element content model.
  78. Fixed oversight, missing CONTCTRL collection on layout element in modules draft.
  79. Adding missing "or element is resumed" clause in description of fill=freeze in an excl.

By: Aaron COHEN (aaron.m.cohen@intel.com ) and Thierry MICHEL (tmichel@w3.org)

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