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RDF Namespace Reference

Implements W3C's Resource Description Framework (RDF). More...


Detailed Description

Implements W3C's Resource Description Framework (RDF).

For us, RDF is a universal syntax. Most syntaxes involve an encoding of information into a sequence of alphabetic symbols, but in RDF we use a directed labeled graph (instead of a sequence) and an alphabet of symbols big enough for everyone to use their own symbols. This design allows information from multiple sources to meaningfully co-exist.

Our low-level RDF operations, at roughly the level of looking at individual symbols in a sequence, involve adding Node-Arc-Node triples to a graph and searching a graph for triples matching a pattern.

Our high-level operations involve (1) transfering knowledge about objects between native forms (C++ classes) and their RDF encodings, and (2) translating between RDF graphs and traditional syntaxes.

RDF can also be seen as a weak Knowledge Representation language, and we support this perspectivae by allowing conversion of an RDF::Graph to and from an FOL::Sentence.


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